Tuesday, January 28, 2020

WaPo Just Rescinded Sonmez's Suspension :)

I had to read about it at the New York Times, though.

Now, where can the official announcement of it be found at the WaPo, hm? ;)

And the public apology can be found where? ;)

(I won't hold my breath).

Ironic that their tagline at the top of the front page says, "Democracy Dies in Darkness" - isn't it? 

Yes, WaPo - it certainly does.

You didn't care about the number of "votes" coming in for silencing Felicia and deleting her link to Kobe's rape case from Twitter - including a formal letter signed by all the members of the Washington Post Writer's Guild - but you started caring when those subscriptions were canceled, didn't you? ;)

Speaking of which, I'm glad you reinstated her, but you're still on "probation" yourselves with me, until I see that official announcement/apology on your front page ;)  

However, while we're waiting on that ...

...  there was an excellent article by David Von Drahle that was posted just over an hour ago (after all the other articles were taken off the front page) called "Remembering Kobe Bryant Required the Hammer of Truth," in full support of Felicia Sonmez and the medical examiner's evidence in the rape case, while still remembering what was positive about Kobe. 

It was on the front page for about 5 minutes or so lol.

Some people really "can't handle the truth," regardless if it's served as a hammer or with sugar on top - it makes them too uncomfortable - however, we should never, ever silence truth out of our own discomfort.

Perhaps we shouldn't be as hard on Trumpers, then, for refusing to face facts about Trump - it makes us hypocrites.

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