Friday, January 24, 2020

The "Battle for the White House 2020" Chess Set Wasn't Meant as a Joke !?!)

I was sitting here editing my earlier post, when a commercial came on at Weather Nation (on Roku) for the "Battle for the White House" chess set at  -  featuring pewter replicas of Trump as King and congressional members like Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi as opposing knights and pawns - riding on elephants and donkeys ... LOL!

WHAT ...  THE  ... ???

I thought this was a gag/joke set, and the commercial was a SNL-like parody - but it's not - the makers of the chest set are totally serious! (Watch the commercials)

And you can buy it for the sweet deal of just $69.95!

Oh sure, let's sell it as fun for the whole family! 

Why not, it's the American way ?!?

Now, parents - with this chess set, not only can you instill in your children how to cheat and otherwise behave like a characterless sociopath at a game that's supposed to be about logic and strategy, with pieces whose powers are confined to certain moves and space, limited by preset rules ...

... but you're simultaneously teaching them to view America as a monarchy, rather than a Republic, ruled over by King Trump, with our elected Congressional representatives being nothing more than absurd, expendable pawns for the King ...

...  despite the fact that we instituted this constitutional system of checks and balances after fighting the Revolutionary War for our independence from a monarchy!


Well, the one saving grace is Pence is the "Queen."

Hahaha!  How appropriate!

However, I doubt Pence's history with LGBTQ ever occurred to the designers of this chess set, because it's clearly pro-"King Trump."

Note how Congress members are riding elephants and donkeys,  while Trump and Pence look dignified at podiums as the King and "Queen" (*snicker*).

Apparently, the SCOTUS are bishops, whose roles is "to protect the Supreme Court."

Oh, see, I thought SCOTUS 's role was to interpret and protect  constitutional law, independent of the POTUS and Congress, as well as settle disputes between them for balance of power - silly me. 

Hahaha, that's so effed up, I can't even ...

Oh wait, there's more ...

Note that on the Democrat side, there IS no king and queen - just "symbolic" podiums.

That makes NO sense -  so Trump is at war with Democratic pawns and knights who fight by the order of no king, and protect - nobody? 

On second thought - that actually kinda makes sense - "King Trump" IS at war with people without a king, only unified in their attempts to hold him accountable for corruption and abuse of power, as well maintain a Republic Democracy.

(Thus,  you could view it as Trump is actually at war with his own guilty conscience ;)

Thus, he imagines that windmills - originally built to empower the people of this nation - are actually evil, personal-enemy giants, attacking him as an innocent victim, for no reason than their lust for power - like he's some sort of effed up 21st-century Don Quixote lol. 

However,   like the Pence-as-Queen thing, this "empty podium" interpretation is likely just another inadvertent oversight by the clearly not-so-bright chess-set designer, like Pence as Queen.  

Either that or being that it is clearly a Pro-Trump chess set, it's more likely the designer meant the empty podiums were supposed  to "symbolically" represent the "hidden Deep State" LOL! 

(Ah, today's GOP - all about peddling power-of-suggestion propaganda without proof as fact and connecting random dots to make patterns that don't even make any sense. )

Did we Dems think Trump was unfit for office before he ever stepped in it, and has since violated the constitution in about 50 ways?  

Yes - duh, that's no secret -  but what you see is what you get, here: We simply want Congress to finally and formally address and debate whether Trump finally violated the constitution in such a blatant manner that there could be no denying it anymore, by abusing his power as president, when he ordered the OMB to withhold congressionally-approved aid to the Ukraine, in a quid-pro-quo exchange for foreign assistance on obtaining "dirt" on a political opponent (also unconstitutional) and whether he had  Yovanovich (who is a Republican) fired because she wasn't on board with doing that - and if so, what consequences should there be for that?  Period. 

Btw, it should've told Trumpers something, when we Dems didn't say a peep when Gorsuch was appointed to the SCOTUS -  despite his anti-abortion/anti-LGBTQ marriage stances.

Or when we were willing to even vote for Jeb Bush - also anti-abortion/anti-LGBTQ -  if it would stop Trump, despite our being quite vocal against the Bushes during/after the Iraq War.

If nothing else, those 2 things should have been dead giveaways that Trumper cries about  "Dem greed for total political control" were a total projection of his own behavior onto us - and complete BS.

Because this is not, nor has it ever been, as simple as who's in political control or Trump being a Republican, or conservative political views on abortion, LGBTQ, immigration issues, or anything else. 

This was, has, and always will be, about Trump's unfit temperament, thoroughly immoral character, history of unparelleled corruption, selfishness, dishonesty, deceit, and greed -  and above all else - his willingness to cast aside national security and selfishly employ divisive and dishonest tactics to fan the flames of polarization and paranoia, until it grew to the dangerous dumpster-fire level this country has now - which we predicted, mind you - all for his own selfish benefit, greed, and lust for power. 

In short, Trumpers - though you had much better options, you bypassed them all in favor of the most corrupt, immoral, belligerent, biggest asshole you could find to represent country and Christianity.

Then y'all tried to act like you don't understand why anyone would have a problem with that lol 

Then you label people that do have a problem with a belligerent asshole representing country and Christianity as the ones with the problem - telling yourselves we must have 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'  or that we've been brainwashed as part of some bigger Dem New World Order conspiracy (both of which you made up and have no proof of existence) - simply to justify to yourselves having done so. 

But my absolute favorite is incredibly trying to convince everyone that you are the only and real Christians left, and that the problem is that you're being persecuted because of Christianity, with Trump as your hero/saint/martyr/victim - such that anything he does is automatically justified - just so long he's not supporting abortion, LGBTQ, or people not born in this country ;)

Regardless, back to the chess set - hold me back, where do I sign up for this!?!


Oh, Dear Sweet Lord Jesus, this country was never fully sane, but please help us try to restore at least some semblance of sanity to this nation again? lol

However, thanks for the laugh - I'm laughing so hard, at present, I'm crying - because that is, hands down, the most ridiculous thing, trying to pass itself off as legitimate, I have seen yet in American politics (well, it at least it's a tie with our actual president, right now).

PS - I just asked my husband to go to this site, stating this is what he's getting for his birthday.  He spewed out his coffee, he laughed so hard. 

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