Friday, January 24, 2020

March for Life: A Public Service Announcement ;)

So as I've made clear, I'm a liberal LGBTQ and immigrant-supporting Christian, and I also used to be 100% Pro-Choice - but after watching two women repeatedly abuse taxpayer money to get their 4th and 6th abortions respectively, as a repeat form of birth control (and callously joke about it), I changed my tune to not supporting publicly-funded abortions (except in certain situations), just privately-funded abortions.

Essentially, I didn't want to be responsible anymore for helping to pay for someone's 6th abortion, when there are other forms of birth control (and working in healthcare myself, I know these other forms of contraception were/are always offered to women immediately after abortions at public or private institutions).

And as mentioned previously, I was unable to bring myself to have an abortion, when it came down to it, though a family member tried to bully me into it,  and I'm glad I didn't - because despite the societal shaming and assumptions I took from people both political sides over it, and the financial struggle - I can still look back and say my daughter has still has been the biggest blessing of my life :)

Having said that, after reading the WaPo about Trump speaking at March for Life ... grrr ...

I wish that most anti-abortionists would realize that they might have a better chance of converting people to their cause if they didn't choose the biggest misogynistic douchebags they can find as spokespeople?

The sort of people that wax poetic about right to life, though they clearly have no respect for any other form of life on this planet, even carrying hatred towards people that don't have white skin, a penis, and money,  go to the right church, and agree with them politically. 

They also do themselves a disservice by not having anything to offer unmarried poor pregnant women but more shame and blame - no emotional or financial support for keeping the child.

(To be fair, that's actually on both sides of politics, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't.  People on both sides will find blame and shame reasons not to help support you).

Perhaps if anti-abortioners extended their self-purported "great compassion and respect for life" towards the mothers as well as their children (and women in general) - you'd have a lot more women hop on board - but most don't.

Also, the lack of female representation legislatively is a problem - a room full of men making decisions on women's reproductive healthcare (or healthcare in general) without even trying to understand the challenges women face, shouldn't be allowed to fly.

"No taxation without representation" is supposedly the concept our nation was built on - and since most single mothers work (sometimes 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet) - we shouldn't be taxing women without allowing them a voice in government legislation, particularly healthcare legislation caucuses.

Just something to think about - and another  public service announcement :)

PS - Why is Trump a true misogynist?  

That list could take all day - but just as one quick reference, after Megyn Kelly asked Trump tough questions during the 2016 debates (which was her job), he basically accused Megyn of "anger menstruating" by stating via phone interview with CNN's Don Lemon ...

"She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. You know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her ... wherever." 

He later stated he meant "nose."

Oh - so you meant Megyn was "anger sneezing?"  

Wow, I didn't know that was a thing, either.

Erm - actually, it's not.  I've never heard of "anger sneezing. " 

In fact, "anger sneezing" is even less of a real thing than the type of men who blame female hormones and their menstrual cycle for women asking tough questions they don't want to answer ;)

And considering eyes, ears, and nose are the first 3 body-part words that children learn - it's interesting that "nose" would suddenly escape him, isn't it? ;)

Now, I'm no Megyn Kelly fan, believe me - she was enabler for building that dysfunctional city at Faux News (and still apparently doesn't realize her role in that dysfunctional family game) ...

...  but asking tough questions during debates was her job, and they had nothing to do whatsoever with her menstrual cycle.

Only men with a true hatred/disrespect for women would have ever made this issue about her female reproductive cycle. 

Male reporters have asked even tougher questions than Megyn did, at presidential debates - and no one has ever once blamed their fluctuating hormones (and men do have fluctuating hormone levels), penis, or prostate, because those things have nothing to do with asking tough questions as a journalist.

Regardless, "Megyn was mean to me by asking tough questions, I'm a victim" was his point -  again - and just another example of how nobody is a bigger fragile-ego-ed snowflake, under that facade of over-arrogance, than Trump himself ;) 

He can dish out nasty all day, but when asked a tough, direct question or anyone tries to hold him accountable for his words and actions, he plays the innocent victim to his press and voting base.

Again, I'll take triangulation  (and scapegoating) and other games dysfunctional families/groups play according to Family Systems Theory, for 100, Alex :)

Though the roles can shift in actual an actual dysfunctional family (other family members learn triangulation because it's the only method of communication dysfunctional families allow, whether the other family members are/will become narcissists or addicts themselves or not), narcissist and/or addict is typically the one creating the triangle by choosing that (false) victim angle 95% of the time. 

*That is not to say all, or even most addicts, are narcissists -  however, while using/before they admit addiction, addicts are incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions and are often "numb"to their own emotions and empathy for others - that's why they usually strated using in the first place, to numb feelings -  so their behavior "adopts" narcissistic tendencies.  

Trump plays (false) Victim, running to his voting base and political press and appealing to them (via Twitter or public rally), portraying himself as the innocent victim and Megyn as (false) Persecutor.  

Rescuers attack and smear Megyn, trying to get her fired from Fox News as the "bad guy" who is "persecuting Trump for no reason, she's just an angry, hormonal B."  

Rescuer and Persecutor then fight Trump's battle for him, as the victim, Megyn becomes the scapegoat for Trump's problems and boom - Megyn is now gone from Fox News.

Boom, triangulation now complete. 

See how that works?

Despite the fact that Megyn claims Trump called her the night before the debate and threatened her (and the call was witnessed by family) - but no one care or believed her.  

*That is also not to say that there are not times when it is appropriate to involve a third party or step in and help rescue someone (if an actual crime or victimization has been committed), there certainly are - particularly when a person in power has abused their power over someone less powerful.

So actually, in this situation, in those terms, Megyn could be construed as an actual victim -  but I'm not sure there ARE any victims in that situation - and there doesn't always have to be a victim and persecutor -  only dysfunctional families/groups view every disagreement that way (and are often the ones victimizing, anyway). 

Regardless, never mind - because the only way to win this game is not to play ;)

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