Wednesday, January 8, 2020


I've added some more info about NOLA to the post below, as well as I just want to clarify that the post is NOT an insult of the Catholic church OR protestant churches or  Christianity.

I am a practicing Christian myself, and I have a great respect for the Catholic church having "parented" my own chosen denomination of Episcopalian (which is nearly identical in service), as well as a great respect for Judaism having parented Catholicism and "grandparented" my own faith - in fact, without the mission work of Catholicism or Judaism, there would be no "us" as protestants.

However, that doesn't mean I have to agree with everything - even within my own denomination.  I'm allowed to interpret scripture for myself and differently - that's the beauty of freedom of religion and separation of church and state.

I'm also not going to pretend along that my faith, nor my particular denomination of Christianity, has treated those of other denominations or other religions or races any better than any other faith, and it's not without it's own glaringly apparent flaws.   

Though I am particularly proud of the more recent history of the Episcopal church (the last 100 years or so), every faith and denomination on this planet,  including Episcopalians, have at some  point had a dark history and skeletons in their closet - things they'd rather cover up and not remember they did towards their fellow man.  However, acknowledging those dark histories is necessary, in order to improve ourselves.

This means I'm also not going to turn a blind eye to, and willfully ignore, the factual history of our faith, all of it - the good, the bad, and the ugly -  because I think it's important we keep what's good, leaving the rest in the past, while still openly acknowledging and repenting for our faith engaging in these wrongful practices towards others and this planet, considering we are stewards of others and this planet, doing our best to do better/make amends and move forward.

Make sense?  Good talk :)

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