Monday, January 27, 2020

Note My Lack of Kobe Bryant Mention ...

I am sorry for his death - and particularly the death of his daughter and the others on the helicopter - but calling him a hero is going too far and I can no longer sit silent.  

The rape evidence was quite convincing - her blood was on his T-shirt (DNA proven), plus he semi-admitted/apologized for it, and we all know the only reason he's not in jail suffering the consequences is useful professional skills, money and politics -  just like Kavanaugh. 

Forgive me if I sound harsh - I'm battling a migraine, and apparently I'm not communicating well as a result - but I wouldn't sugar-coat this anyway. 

I just learned that a reporter at the Washington Post was suspended for tweeting a link to the rape allegations and Kobe's legalese semi-confession/apology. 

Now look - hiding that information and suspending the reporter who linked to it is NOT okay, and we need better explanations than "she undermined her colleagues by mentioning the rape" and "it's too soon after death and would hurt his family." 

The "Too soon after the death/don't want to upset the family" definitely isn't going to fly.

How do you think rape victims feel with so many people calling him a "hero" at his death, so soon after #MeToo - or is it all just about Kobe's family and fans' feelings?

As at least 40 other people and I have commented that we have one finger on the "cancel subscription" (several of them already have).

So if by "undermining her colleagues," we find out you meant she didn't help you whitewash Kobe's personal history - either because it either didn't fit our liberal narrative or because of his athletic ability (or both) - you're history, WaPo, I'm canceling my subscription, too.

The last thing we'd need is for the WaPo to start hiding stuff because it doesn't support our political narrative - that makes us no different from Fox-News-addicted, racist good ole white boys and therefore hypocrites.

Speaking of racist white good ole boys ...

Oh, F off, conservatives - you were all about how you believe most claims of rape are false - until a black man was accused of rape - now you're all about Kobe totally being guilty lol.

By the way, the statistics you're using are biased and skewed - they do not take into account lack of full investigations and women being threatened or otherwise forced to recant.

Rape should not be on your personal and political list of playthings to toss about and try to win elections with anyway.

So unless it's happened to you or a family member, or you have empathy or some inkling of what life might be like for the victims after rape - then please take rape off the table as a political talking point.

You can find a new topic to express your lack of empathy over other than discussing rape, having no personal experience with it.

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