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Meghan Markle: Explanations For The Hatred, Please (via Email)?


I just now had time to read the full WaPo article about Meghan and Harry to see what all the fuss was about. 

I don't get it - what's with the intense hatred?

So, first it was "How dare you marry our prince! Get out, you don't belong here," and now it's "How dare you leave our country half-time with our Prince!"

Danged if she does, danged if she doesn't, it would seem.  

And it's not like she was welcomed with open arms there, to begin with, now was she?  ;)

But then I don't follow her closely, nor am I from British culture, and I certainly don't know her personally - and it would seem the only info we have, other than direct interviews, is tabloid gossip, because the royals are pretty tight with personal information. 

Thus, I do not understand the pure hatred spewing out of people's mouths about her - what am I missing? 

What has this girl done that could possibly be so unforgivable and deserve this degree of intense hate-spewing?

I should think this decision to step back from royal life and only live there half-time would make Meghan-haters from the beginning very happy, but instead, you've found a new reason to hate her?

If any British friends want to explain it to me (via email), please do. 

Because without that information, it would appear to me that - okay, she's blundered a few times while still learning royal behavior, just like Lady Di did (and will probably take even longer because she's American)  - AND?  So what?

However, it would appear to me that unlike Meghan, Diana was very young, she was only 20 when she married Charles, and had no clue of who she was.  She was also extremely shy, not as self-assured and confident as Kate or Meghan.

Also, apparently, Diana had some pretty significant emotional issues already, going into the marriage, which were only worsened by being thrown into a loveless marriage and the royal fishbowl.   She needed a lot of extra affection and reassurance that you're not going to get from royals because royals are trained not to publicly display too much affection, plus they don't have the time and bandwidth for those sorts of issues, they're busy people.

It appeared Diana desperately tried to learn and change and get media/public/royal approval and love, but she did not succeed, at least fully, until after she divorced Charles, and especially after she died, in hindsight. 

In fact, it really bothers me how the press now says "The media loved Diana, but not Meghan" because that is, quite simply, total bullsh*t - how quickly we forget.

Don't let the media fool you, younger folks, reading what the media says about Diana now, in hindsight  - that may be their guilt talking and essentially causing her car accident - nobody was good enough for Prince Charles, either - not Camilla, his true love from the beginning, not Diana, nobody  ;)

And Kate wasn't originally given an easy ride, either, at first, so it makes me laugh that now she's the British darling, because they weren't exactly kind about her at first.

However, the "not good enough" arrogance has reached an epic hatred level with Meghan - and I don't get it.

What is similar (but worse for Meghan) is that exactly like Meghan, the media loved Diana's wedding, but shortly afterwards, the media -  especially tabloid paparazzi that we inexplicably still read, and some even now call "news" and rely on as gospel truth  -  were absolutely merciless with Diana propaganda, too, at first.  In fact, she was somewhat of a joke to the media for years. (I will admit, it IS worse with Meghan, though.)

Though the public at large had begun to love Diana over time and embrace her fumbles, that mass-love we see now for Diana did not blossom until much later - after she started embracing her differences from the royals, laughed along at her own mistakes, and most importantly - divorced Charles. 

Now, let's be honest - Diana had some pretty significant emotional issues before she married Charles -  and thus, was not well suited for the royal life (very few of us are, even without those kinds of issues) - so finally recognizing she was never going to get what she needed from the royals and vice versa and calling it quits was probably the best thing for both parties.   

HOWEVER, Diana was nonetheless still a devoted excellent mother, by all accounts, and should be given credit for raising two fine boys, as well as being an extremely compassionate, empathetic person, who only began to embrace that about herself, and herself in general, when she stopped trying to please everyone, in the end, expanding the role of royalty to publicly supporting various charitable causes personally.

Her emotional issues that worsened after being thrown into royal fishbowl should have secured our compassion and mercy for her, as Christians, but they initially didn't - millions of jealous women, and their daughters, gave her hell for not being good enough for the prince.

Diana was treated mercilessly by the media, for years, and though public sentiment began to accept her over time, the anti-Diana propaganda paparazzi was still in full force, right up until the day of her death - which, may I remind you, was the result of being chased at high-speed by the tabloid paparazzi!

Conversely, it would appear to me that Meghan is older and much more self-assured and confident than Diana ever was (though she began to be, later) - every bit as self-assured and confident as Kate. 

Speaking of which, it's okay for Kate to be confident and self-assured, but not Meghan - why is that, again? 

At age 36, Megan already knew who she was, before marrying Harry.   She also was used to at least some paparazzi from her movie/TV career, as she had been around the block a time or two with paparazzi and tabloid, already know going in that it was only going to get worse and she'd probably never get especially British public approval, particularly with people who'd already made up their minds not to ever accept her.

It appears as just like Diana, Meghan does try (and fumbles), but unlike Diana, it appears Meghan realized what it took Diana years to figure out -  the futility of pleasing everyone, particularly people who made up their minds they'd never accept her from the get-go - she's danged if she does, danged if she doesn't. 

However, unlike Diana, Meghan refuses to beg, grovel, plead, manipulate, and ultimatum anyone for love, acceptance, and approval, like Diana initially did.  

Meghan appears to have recognized and accepted much earlier than Diana that she's likely never going to get these things from people who made up their minds before she ever married Harry -  and she's okay with that, as well as her fumbles, still trying to live a normal life and care for family regardless. 

And yet the "fishbowl" aspect does clearly affect Meghan - perhaps more than she anticipated - perhaps she underestimated the extent of the effect the upgrade to "royal fishbowl" would affect her and her family.

So why do people excuse Meghan's blunders even less than they did Princess Di?

Why do people see Kate's confidence and self-assurance as a good thing, but not Meghan's? 

Is it because she's American/not British?

Is it because she's American AND half-black? ;)

It it because this pretty American girl dashed the dreams of millions of British women and their daughters, who never had a chance with Harry anyway, but incessantly b*tch to  men about her, out of jealousy, until the men can't take anymore and hate her too? lol

Is it because she refuses to abandon her own culture completely?

In fact, the worst thing I could find on her was that although she's trying to learn the new cultural rules and royal traditions, she also has made clear that she wants to retain some of her own culture and traditions and refuses to bend over backwards to please people that have already made up their minds to never accept her regardless of what she does - is that the problem? 

Again, so what? 

Is that a bad thing?

***  Wait, I take that back - the absolute worst thing I could find was some nonsense tabloid story about the Queen and Meghan having a fight over a tiara, which I doubt ever happened, and is very clearly misogynistic BS propaganda -
about both the Queen AND Meghan - as if either the Queen or Meghan are immature and petty enough to argue over a tiara LOL. 

I literally laughed out loud, when I read it - because that story totally sounds like it was completely fabricated by the type of man who has no clue about what's really important to women, and thinks all, or even most, grown women throw fits over things like tiaras LOL.

I suspect the answer to the above questions is some combination of all of the above:

"How DARE some "uppity" black American girl marry our prince and still hold on to some aspects of her own culture - she's needs to know her place, act appreciative, and play along."

Is that about right? 

IF that is the case -  how deliciously shallow, petty, jealous, arrogant - and above all, racist - of you.  

(And in some cases, misogynistic - with jealous, petty women helping the misogynists out.) 

In fact, for all British claims of impeccable manners and well-bred behavior, I'd say it appears that the Meghan-hating Brits, at least, actually behave emotionally and behaviorally like American 13-year-old girls

Congratulations, Meghan-hating Brits!  I thought Americans had become the most merciless people in the world, but you have proven you definitely still wear that crown!

Despite how you initially treated Harry's mother, Diana, too :(

However, perhaps I'm wrong, and I hope someone sheds some light on this for me, but I doubt there IS a reasonable, rational, plausible explanation for THAT much hatred being spewed for some poor girl we don't even know, whose behavior, for better or worse,  has no affect on our lives whatsoever, in the end.

Thus, how about chilling on all the hatred, if for nothing else but Harry's sake - remember how his mother died?

History is repeating itself with Meghan, with a vengeance - cut the poor girl some slack, we don't even know her :(

I feel sorry for both Harry and Meghan, quite frankly.

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