Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Seriously, WaPo? Rape is Not a "Mistake."

Scores of others have commented they're canceling subscriptions.  I was suspending judgment, waiting to see if we received a better explanation, but instead, we're given an article entitled "One event shouldn't define a man's life and legacy."

Oh, really, WaPo?

Oh, well, if it was just 1 rape (that we know of), it's okay then.


How many rapes does it take?

That "1 mistake" seemed pretty important to us at defining a man's life and legacy when it was Kavanaugh, now wasn't it?

So what's with the double-standard, hero worship for athletes or political hypocrisy (or both)?

Rape is not an "Oops, mistake."

Rape is a conscious choice to abuse your power - physical, professional, social, economic and otherwise - over someone less powerful.

Most men do not rape - and those who do usually can't afford to pay, celebritize, PR, and politicize their way out of it like Kobe and Kavanaugh.

Still battling the migraine, still pissed, but trying to be diplomatic/give them a chance to do the right thing.

You have 24 hours to either reinstate that reporter or give a better explanation than you have for suspending her, WaPo - or I, like all the others, am canceling my subscription on going to the NYT.

The rest is in my comments ...

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