Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2022: The Year of the Tiger (My Husband's Year? ;) ...

Interestingly, much like the Mayans, the Chinese years are based on a lunar calendar, as well as come in cycles -  history repeats itself in 12 or 60-year cycles (Mayans are 80 years).

My husband has just informed me that this is his year, because it's the Year of the Tiger, and he was born in a Tiger year. 

Allllllrighty.  I shall brace myself ;) 

He told me this because his coworker, originally from China, asked him what his Chinese birth sign was, then asked what mine was.

To which my husband responded ...

"My wife is a monkey."

S thought this hilarious, mind you, that he stated that, like that - because apparently, in Chinese, you don't say you are the animal -  you always say the animal with year included.

Well, it's true, I am a monkey :)

And it could be worse - I could've been born in the Year of the Pig, and then he'd say, "My wife is a pig." 

Anyway, what is The Year of the Tiger about?

Bravery, confidence, competitive, taking on bullies, imperial warrior/protectors.

Here's the general tiger personality ...

And here's his particular sign, the water tiger ...

Erm - yeah - LOL!

Well, mostly.

Because I wouldn't say he's unpredictable or irritable (I was previously married to ... that ... and no, thank you) - or that he has poor self-control (unless he's mad) - he's pretty even-keeled and cheerful.  

I also wouldn't say he's materialistic, we have that in common - we're almost anti-materialism - we'd rather spend money on things we enjoy doing together (or in my case, charity).

He used to be, when much younger, but that was a few decades, life experiences, and a very materialistic ex-wife ago.

He is quick to judgment, though, and never second guesses it (much to my frustration lol).  

Here's a little video explaining the Chinese mythology around the tiger ...

Unfortunately, what my husband did not know is that actually "your year " is supposedly an unlucky year for those previously born to those years - or at least more challenges to overcome - but we'll just pretend that's not true, because my Tiger husband would pretend that's not true anyway - it's his year, dammit - and no one will be allowed to forget it! ;)

In case you're curious, here's supposedly me, the monkey ...

The general ... 

Hahaha!  Like I needed this to tell me I can be naughty/mischievous ;)

And the specific, an earth monkey ... 

I cannot objectively view myself, of course, but I actually like rural and urban equally?

And I definitely disagree with the "fearless" as I'm pretty much afraid of everything (I have a generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder).

In fact, my 2 biggest fears are judgement/being humiliated (especially publicly) and hurting others' feelings (I almost never intentionally want to hurt anyone, unless they're continually hurting others or me).

Then again, what is true, is after I perceive too much BS -  or too much bullying of others or myself (typically easier with others than myself) - I will cut through the BS butter with the equivalent of a machete, instead of a proper BS butter knife lol -  and can verbally skewer bullies - so yeah, I can be pretty direct/frank/bold with people, even harsh, even if they don't like it - I just worry I've hurt them later, even though perhaps I shouldn't, if truth lol.

I also hate - and I do mean hate - being the center of attention - I'm very uncomfortable with it (which is why I quietly blog "in the corner" to practice/keep up my writing skills).

As a matter of fact, if I'm trying to tell a story "live," and I realize all eyes are on me, I'll forget what I was saying, every time lol.

I like making people laugh, though, making them feel welcome and comfortable -  but I don't like being at the center for it.

My sense of humor is pretty naughty, mischievous, and "eccentric," though, that's true (without being cruel) lol.   

I also am definitely not materialistic - I don't even wear a diamond wedding ring (I think mine cost about $25 bucks), nor do I feel one is necessary - as I said, Mark and I actually have that in common, almost anti-materialism (and me, with wanting to give to charity, which can sometimes drive him nuts lol).  

(If I did have one, it'd be more about the artwork in the band, not the diamond - but there's plenty of other things to spend our money on first ;).

We like to look nice, yes, but we'd rather be comfortable, and there's other things we'd rather spend our money on that we enjoy together :) 

And I wouldn't say opportunistic, I'd say resourceful, I had to be - but with integrity/principles  (though some people don't believe my true motivation was exactly what I said it was:)

I guess these variations also depend on which element sign the tiger  and monkey were born under (water, fire, wood, gold), plus your rising sign for the day we were born - and of course, the strong possibility these characteristics could describe just about anyone and are therefore mostly BS  ;)

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