Friday, October 29, 2021

The 7 Best Scary Streaming Series/Movies of 2021 ...


Just in time for Halloween, my top 5 streaming scary movies/series for 2021. 

Now, keep in mind, I haven't watched early-access box office stuff like Candyman yet because it's still $20 bucks, and I haven't seen everything horror yet (but plan to see a couple of things on Halloween, like Boys From County Hell and Censor), so this list may change after that.  

Also, remember this is only based on Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Paramount (I don't have Hulu, HBO, or Showtime). 

However - unlike the list below, these do include box office via rental on Amazon.

This list is difficult, because though Squid Game and Locke & Key are on my favorites list for the year and could be construed as horror, they're technically not, so they're not included on this list.

Also, I don't care for gore - meaning "slasher" or serial killer films unless they also have a good story - I like mostly spooky/supernatural stuff when it comes to horror.

I've written about most of these before, so search my blog for more about these shows/series - this is just a list.

I made my choice based on based on three things - predictability, either jump scares or chill-giving creepy moments, and quality - meaning not only the quality of the writing, acting, directing, and special effects, but also, if I could figure everything all out within the first 10 minutes (which I often can, when it comes to movies), then it won't be on this list. 

Thus, I give you my opinion of the top 5 best/scariest streaming films or series of 2021 in countdown order.

7.  Evil - CBS, moved to Paramount

Hired by the Catholic church, it's paranormal investigation, done by smart, educated people and atheists (who change their tune).  Though dark, it also weaves in comedy well.  Season 2 took an unexpected and unwanted turn, hoping it gets back on course for Season 3.  

6.  Servant - Apple TV

M. Knight Shyamalan almost returns to his previous quality with this one.  Moves at a snail's pace and I'm still confused, but still watching - mostly trying to figure it out lol.  They're all pretty much nuts, but what is the supposedly Christian cult that Leeanne escaped from actually worshipping anyway? Because they may think it's Christ, but it so isn't, it's something sinister.  Yikes.

5.  The Conjuring 3:  The Devil Made Me Do It - Box Office film, Amazon rental

Not as good as the first two (especially the creepy possessed nun  in second one, which everyone has since ripped off), but not as bad as the critics said, either, still worth a watch.   Loosely based on a true story, a boy who snapped and killed his girlfriend's landlord was the first person to claim demonic possession as part of his guilty plea.  Say what you will about them, but those Warrens were busy people!

4.  Fear Street Trilogy  - Netflix series

Go R.L. Stine!  This guy scared me with the Goosebumps books and TV show, from way back, and he's only gotten better

3.  The Night House - Box Office, Amazon Rental

Once you think you've figured this one out, it twists on you - but not too much.   The ending could've told us a bit more about what happened afterwards, but still worth a watch.

2.  Werewolves Within - Indie Box Office, Amazon Rental

This one is technically horror, but it's mostly quirky comedy - Northern Exposure with werewolves lol. 

1.  A Quiet Place, Part II - Box Office, Amazon rental


I don't normally do alien invasion(or zombie) stuff anymore, because I think it's been overdone and I'm sick to death of both lol - UNLESS - it's incredibly well done and has a new story to tell -  and this one does.  

Not as good as the first, but still incredibly well done - brilliant acting by all cast, well written, well directed, solid story :)

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