Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Heads Up - In Case You Missed It Yesterday, Many Rakuten Stores Are Still at 10% Rebate/Cash Back


Yesterday, Rakuten had a surprise pre-holiday rebate of 10% to 15% cash back, on top of store sales for stores like Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Backcountry, J.Crew, Lands End, The Gap, Coach, Aveda, Clinique, Lancome, Ulta and more.  

This higher percentage is usually reserved for Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), usually hovering around 2%.

Apparently, most of the stores extended the 10% today.

However, I note that Macy's and Bloomingdales are NOT still at 10% today - but Saks Fifth Avenue IS still at 10% today, and Macy's was at 2% this morning, but now is at 6%.

Also note that Adidas is the only one still at 15% cash back today.

Also note the Keurig was added today to 10%, not on board yesterday - HOWEVER - otherwise note that appliances and furniture rebates are mostly excluded.

Only Keurig and a few items at Overstock.com, so we'll have to probably have to wait until Black Friday for those.

Also, though Bed, Bath, and Beyond IS on Rakuten, it was only at 2% yesterday and today and not part of the deals.

Here's just a small example of stores who extended the 10%.

Lastly, note that Wayfair and Etsy are NOT part of the Rakuten program yet - BUT - many credit cards do have rebate programs for shopping with them - for example, my credit card did match Rakuten and gave cash back for  both yesterday.

Also, I noted that my credit card was offering 6% cash back for Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but Rakuten was still at 2% for them.

Also, when I did look at Amazon, after adding my credit card's shopping app, just under the Amazon price listed, it now shows a comparison price for that item elsewhere - and it gave me $5 just for the first time using it to check/compare an item to Wayfair, Etsy, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Take advantage of Rakuten and/or your credit card cash back rebates, folks, they're for real - you really do get a check or cash back on your card (or credit card credit) for the percentage back they advertise on everything you bought from these stores, even on sale, plus shipping is free if your purchase is over $50.

If you wait until Black Friday or later, you may not find the item in stock or the sizes  you need  ;)

(By the way, no - you cannot use two rebate programs at once - one will disable the other when you choose it ;)

This is the way that stores and credit card rebate programs have found to compete with Amazon, considering many vendors that sell at these stores also sell at Amazon and often for cheaper - in fact, my credit card openly says so lol (so needless to say, you won't see Amazon at Rakuten OR your credit card rebates.

Being that Monday is often my slower day with work, I totally took advantage of it yesterday, especially at Macy's and Nike (less stress to shop for in December and I can focus on the holiday decorating and baking and fun)!

Of course, it also helps that I'm in a better place financially than I ever have been and can do this early ;)

Many thanks to my boss, L, who introduced me to Rakuten a year ago!

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