Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Good Personal Health News :)


Still prediabetic -  but my A1c dropped, and my estimated average blood glucose level was now normal range - just one more push and my A1c should be solidly back to normal range. :)

 Also, my LDL cholesterol dropped and my HDL rose :)

Now I just have to find a way to fit in daily exercise rather than just three-times-a-week cycling and a walk on the weekends -  I think that's the ticket for the rest, dropping back to normal levels.

I can't change my diet much more (I didn't eat sweets much anyway), but I stopped all pop 3 months ago,  also no pasta, potato chips, or bagels;  minimal fruit (unless with fiber and/or protein), rare bread or potatoes (usually boiled) - so daily exercise may be the ticket here (it's known that a 10-minute walk after meals can drop your blood sugar 10 points).

After losing my COVID/menopause cravings weight gain of 23 pounds,  I was back to my pre-COVID baseline, and have lost two more pounds since I last wrote about it 2 weeks ago with a picture of my scales (losing roughly a pound a week, which is the the healthiest way)  - so now I'm down 19 pounds (with a goal of 115, which was my usual weight until 10 years ago, hovering around 121 since until COVID/menopause)!

Again, can't say it enough, but 18 of those pounds were lost in the last 3 months, after stopping all soda, rare bread, zero pasta or chips, more active  in general since vaccinated last Spring.  


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