Friday, October 15, 2021


So my boss just sent me another legitimate site for money-saving while shopping online besides Rakuten -  and unlike many of these apps, you can use it along with Rakuten because it's after purchase.

It's called "".

Basically, you earn points on everything you buy from a vendor who has partnered with them -  including grocery items (like P&G products) - and even prescriptions (with GoodRx coupons)!

After a certain amount of points, the vendors send you gift cards ranging from $20 to $100!  

You do this by linking your Amazon account and email for scanning of digital receipts or taking a picture of and scanning your paper receipts (like grocery receipts).

I just got 4500 points for the Christmas stuff I've already bought this week during the Rakuten Rebate deal!  

Easy.  Done!

It's actually kind of fun!

The little dog runs and "fetches" deals for extra points ...

(That's because its CEO and creator is Wes Schroll owns a Great Dane ;)

PLUS - the technology is kind of amazing, blows me away.

Listen to me, I sound like I'm about 90, "Those crazy kids and their new-fangled technology" lol

But seriously, I'm amazed -  you snap a picture through the app, it scans your receipt from  the picture, looking for store name, date, total, and brand names, and lets you know immediately if you're eligible for points (and just about everything is, including groceries).

For example, after taking pictures of my Kroger receipt, it gave me 25 points for shopping there, and 77 points for buying Starbucks coffee there - instantly.

Thanks again, to L (and her bargain-guru friend) for letting me know about this, this is awesome!

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