Tuesday, October 26, 2021

College Game Day Returns to East Lansing for the MSU/Michigan Game This Saturday ...


So my husband just texted me that he found out College Game Day is going to be at his alma mater, Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI, on Saturday, for the big Michigan State University/University of Michigan rivalry game.

Oh, Lordy. 

I texted back, "So ... this means no going anywhere on Saturday, no talking, eating, or breathing, and everyone in the household must wear Sparty Green and White, including Brookie, lest they be damned to hell and God have mercy on their souls,  yes?"


I guess we'll go on a hike to see the leaves change on Sunday then :)

All righty, then, I shall comply during football season, but when MSU plays Kentucky in basketball, there shall be a different set of rules, my love - Brookie shall wear a blue and white t-shirt and a green and white bandana or vice versa ;)

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