Monday, October 18, 2021

FDA Moves to Allow Crossover/Mixed Vaccination Boosters ...


Like I said this morning, in my post about Colin Powell - and as I questioned in an earlier post on boosters - moments ago, the FDA is now moving to the vote to allow people to cross-vaccinate, meaning if you got the J&J one shot and want Pfizer or Moderna's booster, it's possible you could have it. 

This is because after Pfizer's small study not showing definitive outcomes with results in the efficacy of boosters, Moderna then came in with a larger and more comprehensive study, proving their vaccine  lasted the longest of the three and protected the best against variantsand J&J's vaccine (which is a basic "live-strain" vaccine rather than mRNA-based like Pfizer and J&J) had the shortest-term efficacy of the three vaccines - but also, and most importantly, Moderna's study proved that all 3 vaccines waned in efficacy, over time.

I'm wondering if Colin Powell's death spurred this along, because I knew it was being discussed, especially with 80-year-olds who were fully vaccinated being mostly the ones actually critically ill/dying of the variant (although the unvaccinated are still 11x more at risk) - but now, they're  pushing forward with this sooner, rather than later?

PS - Here's a new chart from the CDC, which shows the risk of death from COVID versus other causes to older Americans, vaccinated or not.

Note the risk of death from COVID VS. other causes of death for age 80+ is almost double for the unvaccinated, and the risk of death from COVID is just one-third to one-half the risk of death from other causes in the vaccinated, over ages 80 and 85+, respectively.

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