Saturday, October 16, 2021

Georgia VS. UK, Watching Our Car Tonight, and Jeff Foxworthy on College Game Day :)


So I'm watching College Game Day, with my husband, who's a football fan (me, not so much), plus MSU plays Indiana just afterwards - and they're in Athens, Georgia for the UK VS. Georgia football game. 

Comedian, Jeff Foxworthy, famous for "You might be a redneck" jokes - who is from Atlanta and a Georgia fan -  just opened his guest picker speech by saying:

"If you just became aware that there's another sport besides basketball, you might be a Kentucky fan."


BTW, there's a Georgia fan behind them, holding up a sign that says:

"If you have to two teeth and date your sister, you might be a Kentucky fan."

HAHAHA again!

Even though I went to Kentucky and am a huge Kentucky basketball fan (not so much football, as I said, they stop and start too much and I get bored, possibly having sports ADHD and needing fast-moving sports like basketball, hockey, and soccer) - I also have a very healthy sense of humor -  and that's hilarious!

AND, might I add, I hope for our car's sake that Georgia kicks our asses tonight -  only because of what happened, last week (see earlier post this week), when Kentucky won.

Our fans are legendary for getting vandalistic nuts when we win anything - i.e. jumping up and down on cars and setting things on fire.

(BTW, I can also attest, as a former cocktail waitress while a student at UK - when we lose, UK fans are actually less likely to vandalize - they just openly weep a lot, and don't tip their waitresses lol)

Plus I'm totally in love "UGA," the Georgia bulldog mascot.

Look at him in his Nike Georgia swag - hush your mouth, Lee Corso (who has previously called him "ugly")  - Uga is adorable! 


AND all 5 commentators - including Lee Corso - just picked Georgia to win, by the way.

(But we're still totally watching our car tonight, in the unlikely event that there's some fluke, like all Georgia's players get injured in the first half or come down with COVID before the first half or something lol.)


PS By the way, Jeff has said that none of the memes featuring him slamming Democrats, quoting him, is legitimate - he doesn't mix politics with his comedy, he says, because it would alienate half of his audience.

PPS - Kentucky lost to Georgia, 30-13.   Whew, our car is safe lol!

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