Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The CDC Reversed Its Earlier Decision - Again.


The CDC reversed its decision on masks - AGAIN - saying that even vaccinated people should wear them indoors under very specific and certain circumstances, which nobody understands lol. 

Sigh.  I'm getting whiplash.  

I wonder if the chief powers that be at the CDC know that they're losing credibility by the second - and it's all because of differing political beliefs within the institution, rather than following the actual science and what's best for public health.

Which is why when we went on vacation, though we are both vaccinated, Mark and I still wore masks inside small, crowded, and not-well-ventilated boutiques - despite the people of Blowing Rock calling us communists that "bought the lie."

It's just good common sense - hellloooo, remember common sense with communicable diseases, especially in areas where people refuse vaccination?

I don't get it. 

It's like if Trump said - "I'm not wearing a condom - condoms don't reduce AIDS transmission, scientists are lying!  Condoms to reduce AIDs transmission is a Democrat hoax to control America, to keep us from reproducing!"  and people actually bought that, just because he said so, despite lack of actual evidence, based on pure wild speculation and paranoia run amuck. 

But you see, the reason that didn't happen with condoms and AIDS - either back when AIDs was new or now - is because AIDs transmission didn't affect our ability, en masse, to go to the polls and vote for them, nor their ability to work as laborers for corporations to continue benefitting the wealthiest 1% of America  ;)

Thus ... 


Here's some tough love for you.

We love you - but snap out of it. Stop playing politics and get your sh*t together, because we need you.

Thank you :)

The People of America


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