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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Vacation Highlight Reel, Set to Music :)


For those of you who actually visit my blog, rather than using a reader or reading by email, you may have noticed I already have this video in the sidebar, to have a Zen vacation moment ready as we go forward, for moments when I get stressed lol.  Wooo saahhhh (Bad Boys movie reference lol).   

Mark and I also sent the video via text to family and friends, because no one ever wants to go through all of somebody else's vacation photo with you, so it's a quick "snapshot."  

I received a couple of comments about my video editing skills, but I can't take all of the credit.

 I chose the pictures and videos and the order I wanted them in, as well as the music, "Blue Mountain," using Apple's iPhone Memory Maker, but Apple does the rest as far as zoom, choosing which moments within a longer video to include, etc.

(It's actually kinda creepy that Apple can choose just the right/best moment to include in longer videos, but it can, and did it well, so I won't complain lol.) 

However, the the crescendo of the music with certain photos that some have privately texted, emailed, or commented on, like the hummingbird video portion - that was actually just pure chance - the order I placed the photos simply turned out that way, with the music :)

Regardless, I'm pretty pleased with it, it came out well :)

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