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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

'Atta Girl - Congratulations, Katie Ledecky, for Winning Our First U.S. Gold Medal in Tokyo (Distance Swimming)!

Just an hour after failing to podium in the 200-meter freestyle, the greatest disappointment in her career, Katie - who is largely regarded as the greatest distance-swimmer in history - came back with a vengeance to take gold in the 1,500 meter!

Oh, and did I mention this Olympics was the first time in history there was even a category for women in 1,500 meter freestyle (though men have had the category for decades)?  :)

Awesome job, Katie! Get it! 

Way to overcome disappointment and then take gold, especially in a distance category previously only allowed to men - congratulations!!!

Come on, people - as mentioned 3 posts below, despite being multi-time world and former Olympic gold-medal or world trophy winners, from some athletes regarded the best in the world or even best of all time, our U.S. Olympic athletes appear to be struggling this go-round in Tokyo - and we've been lackadaisical due to COVID and politics  - neither of which is their fault.

IMO, they need more of our support, even if they stumble - and it appears more support is working!


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