Wednesday, July 21, 2021

On a Related Note, Though the FDA Curiously Approved Aduhelm, They Still Haven't Formally Approved the Vaccines (Emergency Authorization Only) ...


So though Biden, the CDC, the scientific community, and some officials with the FDA itself are urging - in some cases, pleading - with the American people to get the COVID vaccine, the FDA has still not formally approved it for regular use - only emergency use.  This makes it difficult for soldiers, colleges, and certain schools to get vaccinated.

But by the same token, as stated in the post below, the FDA broke their own rules and gave Aduhelm (for Alzheimer's) second and third chances, then was still approved despite lacking proven efficacy and safety, at a high price tag, as well as balking from physicians and medical journals?

Does that make any sense? 

No, it does not.

More proof that the FDA has become increasingly politically and economically biased, despite what may be best for the population.  

Their excuse is not wanting to approve anything too quickly - which I would understand and believe - had they not done the weird sh*t they did with Aduhelm!

I really think the FDA dragging its feet too long on this one isn't helping - people are using it as an excuse not to get vaccinated.

On a loosely related note, Mark and I went to the doctor Monday, for our annual physical.  It was packed.  I guess people who had waited during COVID all decided to come now?

In fact, as a quick aside - which has nothing to do with anything, really, it was just funny - but at one point, there were about 6 of us in a line to give a urine specimen in the bathroom, which was a task staying socially distanced in the small hallway.  

Plus it was just socially awkward, because Lord knows women take forever in the bathroom, so you're going to wait, and it's tough making polite small talk as a distraction, when you know you're all just standing there with a cup in your hands, waiting to pee in it lol

However, one fun lady in line said, "At first, I looked at his (Mark's) coffee cup and thought that was his urine cup and was like, "how come he gets such a big cup?"

I said, "Well, because he needs a big cup don't you, honey?  Show everyone your big cup LOL. "

She was like, "LOL! Yeah, be proud of that big cup, like" 'Hey! Look ... that's right - I have to get a BIG cup!'"

Everyone laughed - even the prim old lady with a walker.

Then I said, "Behold the big cup! Hahaha! No, actually, he's just got his coffee cup ready for after his lab tests, he couldn't have coffee, so he's ready to raid their office coffee machine when he's done lol."

Anyway, on to my point - because I promise there is one (wait for it lol) - of course we are vaccinated, but there is still a mask requirement at healthcare facilities.  

However, I pulled my mask down briefly, in the lab waiting room, to take a swig of water, because it was 11 a.m., and I had been fasting all morning for the lab tests, and was trying to stay hydrated.

Apparently I swigged too quickly, because I choked on the water - it just went down the wrong way.  

So of course, I started coughing and choking. 

Everyone was looking at me.

So I said, "It's not COVID, I promise, and I'm vaccinated - my water just went down the wrong way! LOL. 

Everyone laughed.  

One lady jokingly said, "Sure, sure. Haha."  

I said, "Lol, she's like 'Yeah, right.' Haha! Yep, you caught me, I'm an evil Democrat trying to spread COVID to America! lol. No, really my water just went down the wrong way, I promise lol."

This left it open to what I really was, Republican or Democrat, see - but either way, clearly a joke aimed at the toxic political climate, so everyone laughed again, Republican or Democrat :)

It's good that most of us can now laugh now, at the crazy political climate, and that we all had a good laugh before seeing the doctor - laughter brings down blood pressure, so that was good :)

Fun people in the waiting room, that day - good senses of humor to make light of uncomfortable situations  :)

Then one older gentleman, who was wearing a U.S. Navy hat, with a Navy Seal pin on it, said, "Yeah, I already had it once, and I hope I can't get it again, but we don't know lol."

So I asked him if he had the mild form or not.  

He said, "I did, but I nearly lost my wife, she was in the ICU for 14 days."

I asked when this happened and how they treated her.  

He said this past Christmas, and at first, he couldn't get anyone to see her immediately as an outpatient.  They were lucky enough to have a ER doctor that lived in the neighborhood, and he dropped by one morning before work and said "Pack her bag, she's going with me to the ER - NOW."

She was offered, and agreed to, the experimental recovered-COVID-patient plasma with antibodies - which he said saved her life because she was on death's door.

I said, "You know, the founder of this practice we're sitting in, Dr. Foxx, was in the same situation and got plasma, which he also says saved his life."

For the record, plasma is also still not formally approved by the FDA, it's still approved for emergency-use only, along with the vaccine. 


He also said he didn't even try the VA, though, because you could have an appointment at 9:00 and be there all day, it's terrible. He also mentioned he had to have back disc surgery and he'd never let the VA cut him open lol.

I asked him if it helped, I've heard only 50% of the time it does, and it tends to only help the leg pain/sciatica, not so much the back pain.

He said that was true, the leg pain and numbness were completely gone, but not fully the back pain, though it's better - but he said he wondered if that's because he had taken a bullet in 1980 in the back, in Southern Mexico.

So ... 1980 would put him as a Navy Seal before most people even really knew what a Navy Seal was, during the whole Contra/Sandinista thing - which was complicated by putting people like Noriega and other members of drug cartels on the U.S. payroll for info, despite them backing both sides if it suited them - PLUS - our now infamous (and unauthorized-by-Congress/illegal) arms trading with Iran to support the Contra -  and thus a complete waste of time, lives, and taxpayer money in Latin America, supposedly trying to "fight communism" (in favor of fascism or-?)

On that note, as another quick aside - can somebody explain to me WHY we keep supporting/putting on the U.S. payroll as informants such egomaniacal sociopaths and psychopaths as Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Moammar Quaddafi, and the Shah of Iran  - when we know it's only going to bite us in the arse later, because it always has?

Are we so arrogant that we imagine that "This time, we can control them," after giving them money and power?

Bzz, wrong answer.

Because such personalities always get too big for their britches and become fascist dictators, doing horrible things to their own people for the sake of their own power, then become a terroristic threat to the U.S.

Just in case you doubted this MOA is still in play today -  take a look at what backing Trump has done, in our own country now?  

When will we ever learn that once you let out a charismatic-but-egomaniacal member of the insane clown posse to run amuck, there's no controlling them, they won't go back in that clown car - in fact, they always become exactly what you imagined you were fighting against and used as justification to support them in the first place!

I don't know, but back to the retired Navy Seal - Wow, what a tough man -  he survived a bullet and COVID.

In fact, after what happened to his wife, try telling that retired Navy Seal there's no COVID and it's just the flu, Trumpers, and see what happens to ya, I dare you lol.

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