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Monday, July 26, 2021

Montana Dan for President! (After His Passionate-But-Controlled, Articulate, AWESOME Confrontation of Fox News' Tucker Carlson in a Sporting Goods Store).

(*Edited - content added)

The timing of this occurrence is so coincidental, it's almost a P.S. to my last post, which is about what we humans - being closely related to chimps - are often willing to do to our own species, for the sake of our own power, greed, and glory VS. supposedly less-evolved species like elephants or mongoose (mongeese?) lol.

I love this guy - he verbally confronts Fox News' Tucker Carlson at a sporting goods store in Montana, and though passionate, he was also very controlled and articulate, simply telling him what's what.  

Note that Tucker Carlson puts his hand on him to almost gently push him, but then withdraws it, realizing he's being filmed ;)


Dan:  "I don't care, man.  Dude - you are - the WORST human being known to mankind."


Tucker:  "I appreciate that" - putting his hand on Dan as if to gently push him, then withdrawing it, realizing he's being filmed, then smiles for the camera lol.


Dan:   "I want you to know that."


Tucker:  "I'm not going to debate-"


Dan:  "What you have done to this state, to the United States, to everything else in this world-"


Tucker:  "Okay-"  - looks around to see if his daughter is near and can hear.


Dan:  "I don't care that your daughter's here.  What YOU have done to other people's families?  What you have done to everybody else in this world-"


Tucker:  "Settle down, Son."


Dan:  (Chuckling) "Son? Don't call me son, for one-"

Mind you, Tucker and Dan are near the same age. 


Video ends. 


That ... was ... AWEsome!

Take THAT, Mr. Tucker "Freedom of Speech" Carlson - freedom of speech goes both ways - "Son!"

Don't hide behind your daughter  - you know very well that you weren't afraid for her, you were afraid for yourself - and it wasn't fear of safety.

The truth is, you were afraid your daughter would hear you being called out on your BS, and that you'd be exposed for being the conscienceless fraud you know you are, risking America's health and safety for your own power, money, and glory ;) 

How that man can even say that, with a straight face, after all the lies, false accusations, and name-calling nonsense he spews publicly, every night, to America - after all of the nasty things that come out of the mouth and Twitter account of his hero, Trump -  that children should never hear from a President of the United States - is beyond my comprehension. 

Woooooooo! Go Dan Bailey!

OMG, I love this guy, that took some big cajones - and though passionate, he stayed controlled and articulate - he's awesome!

More reasons to move to Montana and I say we make Dan Bailey president! :)

At first, Tucker smiles at the camera - but by the end, looked very rattled.

Here's to hoping the sociopath has just enough conscience left, that he later went home, thought about what Dan said, and cried himself to sleep, on his huge Mike Lindell My Pillow!


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