Sunday, June 20, 2021

PS - Screen Shot of Friday Night's EVP Detail ...

As I mentioned below, after the strange whistle and feeling as if someone was sitting on the bed, the night before Tom died (we slept with the lights on, that night, I turned on the ghost-hunting app EVP

(I wrote iOvilus, which I have, too, but I meant M2.  FYI, actually, all ghost-hunting phone apps are pretty useless - for the most part, pure entertainment value -  but sometimes if something is pretty strong you can get a few words in a row that make sense.)

Anyway, as mentioned, at first it spat out words that didn't make any sense, as these apps tend to do, especially when you first turn them on lol.

So I left to use the bathroom, during the string of words, and I returned just in time to hear it say "Finish" and "Toilet Paper,"  like it was politely me if I'd finished lol.

I would've thought it was random, like it usually is  - but "toilet paper" being said at all, caught my attention, especially right after I returned from the bathroom, so I laughed and said:

"Yes?  LOL. I'm finished, go ahead. Is someone trying to tell me something today, something you want to say? Who ARE you?"

Then M2 ... "Accept".  and then "Express." 

I said, "O... kay. Accept what? Thank you, I guess? Who are you?" LOL.

Then nothing else - it was radio silent for the next 30 minutes until I turned it off.

Here's the M2 screen shot, with date and time - Friday night, just after 11 p.m.

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