Monday, June 7, 2021

Baron, Our Broad-Winged Hawk Visitor, Returns ...

Supposedly my totem, I hadn't seen the broad-winged hawk in a couple of weeks, since I posted about him last. 

But today at lunch, while unboxing a set of luggage I just received in preparation for our vacation, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a huge shadow pass the window - and when I looked up, there was the beautiful broad-winged hawk, just sitting on my balcony railing, facing me - looking straight in at me, through in our big picture window!  It's the closest he's come yet!

I drew in my breath, not from fear, but because of how beautiful he was - literally one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures I have ever seen, up close - they're breathtaking!

I am sooo lucky, they rarely come that close to humans, especially in residential/suburban areas - today being the closest he has ever come, when first on my balcony rail, looking in the window at me.

 Dangit, I need to keep my phone right on me!

So I slowly inched towards my phone to snap a pic, but he was onto me, and flew atop one of my birdfeeders.  I snapped this blurry pic, just before he flew away, so I I'm not sure if you can see him  - maybe just his tail - can you see him?  The striped tail is the giveaway, it's striped back and front  :)

I've circled him in this one, if it helps ...

For comparison, here's some front and back pictures of a broad-winged hawk (not mine).

Keep in mind, that feeder hangs in front of the balcony, and not as close to the flowers as it appears,  because he's actually bigger than the flowers, so the angle of this photo doesn't do his size justice!

If you've never seen one, they are beautiful creatures to behold, and they are HUGE - about the size of a small dog or large cat!

I'm determined to get a pic of him on my balcony, should he ever return again - and if he does, I'll name him Baron - Baron the broad-winged hawk.  Such a regal name would be perfect for him, don't you think? ;)

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