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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Let's Reserve Judgement on Fauci's Emails Until We Can Read Them ALL Ourselves, Shall We? :)


I haven't had time to read any myself yet, and I understand there are many - in fact, the press is even admitting themselves they haven't read them all yet (and yet are pronouncing judgment and sentence based on cherry-picked emails anyway).

All we have are interpretations of what press has read so far, and most of those aren't even direct quotes.

When I do read them, I'm going to place them in the context of what was going on at the time, giving him the benefit of the doubt that especially in the beginning, we knew nothing - therefore, nothing was off the table for consideration with regards to origin and transmission - in fact, even with what we know now, there's still so much we don't know, so nothing is still off the table for consideration. 

Also consider the pressure he was under for answers to things he couldn't possibly have the answer to yet, and he was perusing data as fast as it came in and he could, and that I'm sure he had overwhelmed days, just like everyone else.   I'm sure he had days where he was like, "Okay, I can't read and process any more data today, I'm spent."  

In fact, I'm sure he made mistakes, we sure as hell know the CDC did.  That is the problem with us wanting answers right now and health institutions being pressured or forced to give answers instead of just saying "We don't know yet.  Why don't you wear a mask a gloves until we do, just to be sure"

To take one email from one day and pronounce sentence on the man, is unfair.  These emails need to be placed in the contexts of not only what we knew and didn't at the time, but also the bigger picture of the emails overall, over time, the progression after more data came in.

Until I can read them all myself, I will reserve judgement, and I hope others will do the same, rather than relying on press, political pundits, and political parties to cherry-pick and interpret his emails FOR you. 

Anyone who automatically believes anything without critical evaluation, just because someone of their political persuasion says so - Republican OR Democrat - is, to be frank, a gullible, brainwashed idiot.

Also, Trumpers/alt-righters - didn't you spend the entirety of last year denying the existence of the virus and dismissing it as a hoax?

Because, of course, you realize that now backing the lab-leak theory negates your prior hoax theory entirely - by recognizing the existence of virus! LOL!

Therefore, the only thing you've proven is how easily manipulated and controlled you are by politics, that you have zero ability to critically think through the information you're being fed, and that your frequent conspiracy theories often negate each other without your even realizing it, and thus continue to chip away at your own credibility :)

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