Tuesday, May 16, 2023

WHAT Did She Just Say???


So I walked in the room right as Kelly Craft was giving her concession speech on the news - at the point where she was lauding the physical appearance of the family of her running mate, Max Wise, as "The American Dream."

It sounded to Mark and me like she said "Look at this family ... white, the American dream."


(It wouldn't surprise me, given some of the things she's said and white supremacist group ties.)

But I relistened and talked to a couple of people, and we determined that it was her accent and a slight stumble, and she actually said "Look at this family ... ri-ight, The American dream."

Only certain Kentucky accents make "right" sound like "white" -  plus I think she slightly stumbled?  

Well, she might as well have said it, considering other things that have come out of her mouth - and still, she was referring to the physical appearance of an all-white, wealthy family as the American Dream?

Erm - they don't look like MY American Dream.

In fact, they look like my worst nightmare, hiding behind bad plastic surgery, an American flag, and a bible, which they use as weapons.

Well, except her running mate, Max Wise, clearly hasn't had  plastic surgery - he looks like a chronically drunk porn addict if I've ever seen one ...

(But it's okay, because he'll just go to confession again later?)

I know that sounds harsh, but after her anti-public schools commercial, it's fair game.

You can see that  ridiculous fearmongering ad about our public schools HERE - not of word of which is true!

(My husband is a data analyst for Fayette County Public Schools, the second largest public school district in the state, so he would know - no one is teaching kids to be gay in any public school - or anywhere, for that matter! 

It's about acceptance, not instruction!

The public school focus is how to offer more ancillary support and acceptance for kids struggling for any reason, also at risk for bullying - period.

Gender identity/LGBTQ is just one of those things, but also homeless kids/kids in poverty, kids with domestic violence in the home, a sick or disabled parent, kids of different races or from different cultures, and better overall mental health! 

Nowhere does that even imply that anyone is actually teaching these things.

Kelly and Max never even visited the schools, so it's fearmongering propaganda, a blatant lie, to scare you into voting for them.  

And that would be the biggest reason why she lost - because public schools are one of the largest employers in the State of Kentucky, employing both Republicans and Democrats - who BOTH knew this was an absurd lie because they all worked there lol.

I'm glad the right-wing extremist Trump Nazis lost - they're completely delusional. 

"If everyone looked like us -  white, Christian, and straight - we wouldn't have any problems."

Yeah, keep telling yourselves that lol.

Now, you would think that Trump Republicans in this state would think to themselves, "Now, we know that isn't true because we actually work here - so what else that are they telling us isn't true?"  

Nope, they just find another Trump candidate that's less "silly."

They will cling to their American Delusion - erm - I mean, Dream -  until their dying day, never realizing that their paranoia and hatred has turned them into monsters -  they are the monsters - just like the Nazis in Germany did.

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