Thursday, May 18, 2023

A First Glimpse ...

So unfortunately, someone who had applied a couple of days before we did to adopt "Keith Urban" and got him  - BUT - Mark surprised me by arranging for this little guy ... 

I normally like to rescue but LOOK AT THIS FACE!!!

No, really, LOOK AT IT! :)

Like I'm going to say no to my husband surprising me with a new puppy WITH THAT FACE! :)

So the above glimpse is your first glimpse of Mr. Ziggy Knoxville Chaplow at 6 weeks old (taken by the breeder today)! 

LOL! What a ridiculous name, I know, but pugs themselves are ridiculous, and so are we! 

So Ziggy won the name vote, but we loved Mark's brother's story about Johnny Knoxville - PLUS Ziggy is from middle Tennessee - so we made it his middle name, and he will be registered exactly like that :)

I don't want to jinx myself again, but since he's bought and paid for and we're picking him up in two weeks at 8 weeks old, so it's fairly safe (as long as our travel to get him goes well and nothing happens to him before then, knock on wood!)

I hope not, because I'm in love with him already!!!

Here's a short video she sent - look at his little tail going!  You can see his full face at the end - precious!  I can't wait!


Mark showed the picture and video of Ziggy to his coworkers, one of whom is from China.  She's totally into the Chinese astrology/mythology thing.  

Like she asked about our birth years a few years ago, she said something like, "Oh, Tiger and Monkey, may be difficult.  But you were both on cusp, you were almost Ox, she was almost sheep, and there's a dragon in your house, so it's okay."

"You are both smart, but where you are aggressive, she will use wit.  Don't try to control monkey, she will outwit you."


(Of course, she is a monkey, too, so that may have something to do with it ;) lol).

Anyway, she saw the pug and Mark said she said something like, "Oh, you got her a pug, they are lucky, especially as gifts!  You win best husband award!"

I agree! Yep, I think I'll keep them both around awhile.

FYI, pugs were bred to be the (spiritual) guardians and companions for the imperial families in China, and later became the companions of Buddhist monks.  They were believed to be highly spiritual, with some believing they could turn into dragons and others believing they contained the souls of reincarnated Buddhist monks. 

There be dragons in my house soon! ;)  LOL

"Pug, the Magic Dragon, lived ... nowhere near the sea ..."

But it's okay, because in China, a dragon is a good thing - not only for spiritual protection, but they bring good luck, fortune, wisdom, strength and peace :)

Also, I am told by the breeder he's The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) lol.  She says he looks very much like his dad, whose name it Tank, and he could be Tank Jr.

Is Ziggy Knoxville The Rock Tank Jr. Chaplow too long of a name? lol ;)

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