Friday, May 5, 2023

New Kings and Kentucky Derbies? No, thanks ...


... we're good.  We'll take the simple life instead, please :)

#Lakes are Life :) 

Lake Cumberland, Kentucky ... Ahhh :)

Captain Morgan agrees ...

But oh, yes - there will be a casino and betting on the derby from here, this weekend, never fear ;)

Mama and baby deer, off our balcony at dusk ...

Mama coming to eat apple slices I threw off the balcony (they don't allow hunting in the park, so okay to encourage people-friendliness :)


The nearby buck, in early velvet ...

 Isn't he magnificent? 

And look!

Ole' Ricky, the Polite Racoon, survived the winter after all!

(No, by the way, that is not our trash - apparently, the people in our room just before us, partied and made a mess out back :/

It's a bit blurred, but here he is standing on his back legs, hand up, to try to catch the bread I was throwing down 

Aw, this makes me so happy, that Ole' Ricky survived the winter after all! 

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