Friday, May 12, 2023

Note To Self: Never Delete Voicemails From The People You Love, Ever Again.


I have a habit of just deleting voicemails right away after I'd listened to them.  Somehow, by mistake, grace of God, whatever, I do have just one short and sweet one saved from Marian, which I've played several times, this morning, just to hear her voice again.

It just says:  "Hey, Chrystal, if you can, give me a call or shoot me a text.  I have a question about computer skills.  Okay.  God's peace. Bye bye."

As I recall, she was calling me because she was having trouble doing price comparisons and booking a flight for her ex-son-in-law's girlfriend to visit from Mexico (legally, of course) with COVID restrictions, so I did that for her.

But that was Marian - consummate mama to everyone, even her ex-son-in-law to see his new girlfriend, just to make him happy :)

(No worries - her daughter is happily remarried and she and her ex are still friends and they coparent their daughter together very well  :)

Saving this forever, just to hear her voice again, whenever I want to.

I have one from my father-in-law, Tom, too.

Never again, though, will I automatically delete all voicemails as soon as I've listened to them. 


UPDATE, 8:38 p.m.:   The family decided to wait another day to remove life support.

Her pastor, Jesse, just called me and let me know that the life support was removed and Marian passed peacefully about an hour ago.

Jesse, his wife, and her family -  including all 9 grandchildren - held Marian and each other - and sang her to sleep.  Beautiful :) 

Surrounded in unity and love - there he is,  I think I can see just a glimmer of God in this situation now?

"God's Peace ...bye bye," Marian :(

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