Sunday, April 16, 2023

The New Kelly Craft for Governor Commercial *Sigh*


Now, after just writing a post about where I said I don't like to target women because there's enough of that going on, I swear to goodness, saw this commercial for Kelly Craft for Governor and I can't help myself.


What the ???


So ... I'm not laughing with her, I'm laughing at her, this is such absurd nonsense - this is NOT going on anywhere in Kentucky! 

Bitch is out of her corn-fed, bourbon-lovin' mind! LOL

So as you may know, my husband  is a data analyst  at the administrative offices of Fayette County Public Schools, the second largest public school district in the State of Kentucky; thus, we can assure you with 100% certainty, that there are no "parachutees" into the state, and that  actual teaching on gender identity/pronouns is NOT going on, here!

Also, as a result of his job, we not only know many administrators and teachers through his work, but we live right next door to, or in the same building with, or in the same apartment community as ,many staff and teachers and either speak with or hang out regularly.

Of course, none of this is going on in our public schools, anywhere - this is just more false-accusation fear-mongering propaganda by Trump-style Republicans to get votes, without either an ounce of proof or shame.

Also, notice she also doesn't explain what CRT (critical race theory) even is, she just goes right into gender identity, as if they're the same thing, when race and gender identity are two separate things!

CRT, on the other hand, IS being discussed and debated at high-school level grades - just like many other social THEORIES -  as it has been for decades.

Clearly, it's not just an insult to all public school teachers and staff, but to all Kentuckians, whom she apparently believes are all gullible hillbillies and will fall for this shit, because she can't possibly believe it herself - and as far as I know, she's never once visited our schools!

Thus, I, like so many others, apparently, wrote a comment under this video because this is just fear-mongering based on zero evidence (because it's not happening, anywhere) about our public schools without an ounce of shame.

I realize she's trying to be funny, but the only thing funny about this is that people really think this stuff is going on in our schools.

"Attacking our schools?"

No - the only person attacking our schools is Kelly, herself, without an ounce of data or evidence, because it's a completely fabricated, fear-mongering lie to scare people into voting for her - as per usual, for Trump Republicans.

Talk about "immoral!"

Now, I know you all truly believe you are at war with us liberals, and thus all is fair to you, but someday, we hope you'll finally realize the only thing you've been at war with is your own paranoia, because these things are not happening, at least not on a broad scale, and the only reason any isolated events make the news is because they are outliers from the norm!

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