Monday, May 15, 2023

Mark and I Are Desperately In Need of A Pug Rescue: Adopting "Keith Urban?" ;)


So besides being adorable, I found the fact that it says ...

"Considering Keith Urban for Adoption?"

... hilarious!  LOLOLOL!

(For those who don't know who Keith Urban is, it's this guy - Country Singer from Australia and American Idol Judge, married to Nicole Kidman). 

So this may be a bit premature, but Mark and I decided on Saturday, after Marian's death and so much sorrow, to remind ourselves of new life coming into the world, and that there was still joy still to be had - so we applied to adopt "Keith Urban" lol. 

Mark had suggested this before, but I hadn't been able to bring myself to get another pug after Snuggy died in 2020, just two weeks after the pandemic shut everything down, but I think now maybe it 's time. 

If ever I was in need of a little cuddlebug and a focus on welcoming new life into the world, it's now. Pugs are great cuddlers - I'm convinced they're kind of like the missing link between dogs and cats lol. They also make you laugh at least once a day, every day.

I think "Pug Rescue" means not only that you rescue the pug, but they rescue YOU :)

I think this pic of him is actually my favorite - "Whaaa?  WHAT DID YOU SAY?"

Pugs are super expressive, and ya know, so am I lol.

We don't buy purebred directly from breeders - too many pugs up for adoption who need good homes already. 

So we found this little guy in Michigan and applied for him on Saturday - don't want to get our hearts too set on him, in case there are other applicants before us, but nevertheless, got a kick out of him and his pictures :)

If not "Keith," then it will be the right pug, at the right time, I'm sure :)

So we're thinking of names, regardless, because a new pug is in our near future. 

"Keith Urban" is hilarious, but ya know ... no?  lol.

So we've told friends and family that they are welcome to chime in with potential names for our new baby.

Here's what we've come up with so far - some are serious, some are just absurd, just for a laugh.  I'll add them here, as they come in :)

- Grogu (the baby yoda from "The Mandalorian.")

- Ewok (Star Wars).

- Dobby (the house elf from Harry Potter).

- Jon Snow or Snowy (from Game of Thrones)  

- Tribble (from Star Trek).

- (Tiny) Spock (from Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory)

- Jean-Luc Picard (from Star Trek - Next Gen).

Q (from Star Trek, Next Gen) 

- Uhtred (from The Last Kingdom), calling him "Uhey" (s/l "Ooey" )

- Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones, The Last of Us, Narcos, and more)

*Unfortunately, my beloved Pedro Pascal was just scratched from the ballot because more than one person said if people shortened it to "Pedi," that would of course be .... disturbing lol*

- Oscar Isaac (Star Wars, sequel Trilogy and more

- Indy (for Indiana Jones, plus he did get it from the family dog's name lol ). 

- Harrison Ford, calling him Harry.

- Hubert, calling him "Hubie."

- Ziggy - Marley or Stardust. 

  Cannoli or Pugnoli the Holy Cannoli.

- Snorty McSnorterson.

- Rambo.

- Neo (The Matrix)   

- Ted Lasso.  


- Murphy - from my boss, it's her married name, she says "Murphys always come into you life at the right time" (referring to her husband). So true, I got this job at exactly the right time four years ago!)

- "Dave" - Just Dave.  Dave the Pug.  LOL!  (This would be  the choice of my nephews (in-law) after seeing the pictures. 

- Malarkey 

- Knoxville - from my brother-in-law in LA, because Johnny Knoxville was a coach for his sons' little league team and he wants to tell him there's a pug here in the South named after him LOL

So first things first, although I LOVE Grogu, Ewok, and Dobby, all great names for a pug,  they are among the most popular names already for pugs. 

Mark was the one to suggest Rambo in a text thread, so then I said

 "If the next name offered in this text thread is John Wick, I'm burying my phone lol." 

Okay, I get it, especially because of his puppy thing, but no?

Also, someone said "Harry" for Harrison Ford makes them think of Prince Harry instead of Harrison Ford.

So then I said "Prince Harrison Ford Mountbatten Windsor Chaplow" 

That may be a bit much ;)  

Anyone who has my email or phone, feel free to call/email/text me your name suggestions :)


Updates - Besides the contributors of course voting for their own, votes are 3 for Indy, 2 for Ziggy, and 2 for Cannoli, at present.  

We'll narrow them down in a bit. 

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