Friday, May 12, 2023

OMG, I Needed This Laugh So Badly ...


So Dan Bongino - former Fox commentator, current conservative podcaster, and Trump supporter -  replied to multi-time best-selling author (including a new book at #1 last year), Stephen King, telling him to "Stop watching porn in his mother's basement and get a real job"  after Stephen commented some snark Dan's way.

Clearly, Dan had no idea who Stephen King was! 


No, wait ... HAHAHAHA!

Oh, God ... I needed a good laugh so badly, the past couple of days -  thank you, Stephen King et al!

Even funnier is that apparently Dan's fan's - all 11,000 of them, mind you, not "millions," versus Stephen King's 7.1 million - don't know who Stephen King is either, and they actually believe Dan "owned" Stephen!


Well, no one ever accused Trump voters of being well read and well informed, right?

But you're seriously telling me they have never stopped scaring each other with ghost stories that they just made up themselves, like 12-year-old girls at a slumber party, long enough to read a book, even pop-fiction one? Even Stephen King?!?

Oh, Lordy, if Trump hadn't been so divisive and dangerous, I wouldn't laugh at how ignorant and ... erm, unwell ...  his supporters are, I'd feel sorry for them, but at this point ... yeah.

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