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Friday, January 29, 2021

On a Lighter Note ... LOL

Okay, after my last post - an all-time-frustration rant at modern/Trump Republicans in my state (Kentucky) - and after seeing nothing but gloom and doom in the news otherwise, today, people behaving badly, I decided to visit Sunny Skyz news to see people (and pets) behaving in ways that make you smile :)

This baby is the cutest baby ever - well, next to my daughter as a baby, of course -  but then my daughter was very much the same, a very happy baby, whatever time of day or night it was, when she decided sleep was not on the agenda  :)

In fact, true story, once upon a time, my daughter was such a happy baby that when I took her over to a friend's house, a family member said, "I don't know how to say this without it sounding like it's not a compliment, because it is - and she's clearly very bright - but babies THAT happy are often mentally retarded lol" 

LOL!  Rest assured, my college graduate daughter is certainly not :)

Thus, one could argue that very bright babies are also happy - they just can't wait for the next world-of-wonder day to begin for them to discover.

However, I think regardless of intellectual level - with innate temperament playing a part - happy babies also just know they are loved :)

Next up, a very protective cat-cat :)

I love how the little boy looks back to see if whomever is filming is going to stop him from trying to climb the balcony, then  the cat, and then what the filmer is waiting for, happens -  Supercat comes to the rescue and stops him! LOL!

Then he tries to move further away from the cat, but Supercat is watching him and climbs along the bannister to bat at his little hands again (with claws withdrawn, of course).  In fact, he holds his paw in the air with his back arched for a bit, like, "Don't you do it!" lol. 

Don't tell ME cats aren't protective!

Amazing, really - some cats can be just as protective of their humans as dogs - no, really. 

Exhibit B ...

Cat saves mom from the evil water in the bathtub LOL!

Speaking of dogs being protective, I'll have to get a video next year of our sheltie, barking and pulling at our pants, when we're up on the ladder decorating the tree lol.

"It's not safe," our herding dog is trying to tell us, aw lol.

However, she also does this when we ride our indoor cycle - I guess it's anything we climb on?

Oh, but there's the vacuum cleaner, too, which she hates.  She's determined it's evil.  However, she waits until it's off to bark at it - she's all big and bad when it's off, of course lol.

Oh, yeah, she's a big and bad one, all right ;)

Actually, she is, when it comes to cats - which is why we could never get one :(

I'm an equal opportunity pet lovers, I love dogs and cats the same.  And birds.  And bunnies.  Well, all animals, really :)

Now, this next one is a universal parenting rule every parent knows ... 


When carrying a baby around, you may never, EVER sit down! 

That's right - your soul responsibility is you must walk around endlessly, until the end of time, so that they can see everything!  ;)

And lastly, if only our politicians could behave this way towards each other - Tom Brady (quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and family, playing on the field with Drew Brees (quarterback for the New Orleans Saints) and family, after the playoff game on Sunday, ending with a hug :)

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