Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Okay, Mr. Law And Order President?


Your supporters just stormed the Capitol Building, climbed the fence, and broke windows to get inside.  The Senate and the House habr been evacuated. Secret service drew their weapons.  One person was shot.  Hanging from the senate balcony.  VP Mike Pence was whisked away.   Unconfirmed reports of an IED found in the Capitol Building, as well as several locations around the city.   

All just after you gave a speech out front, saying, "I will never concede." 

Hmm - pretty sure BLM protestors never did anything like THIS, now did they, Mr. Law and Order President?  

Still think it's only black people and Muslims that are prone to violence and riot?

That's funny - because I don't see a single person of color or Muslim anywhere.

Nope - just some white "Christian" good ole' boys (and a few women) with their faces painted like clowns with crazy costumes on ...

What are YOU doing about it, Mr. Law and Order President? 

Tweeting "Please support our police and law enforcement.  They are on the side of our country.  Stay peaceful!"  - likely from your underground bunker again. 

You think that's going to stop the frenzied mob?  Good luck.


Like you want it to stop - I think you want a riot so you can declare martial law. 

Regardless, once you let the far-right insane clown posse out, they're not going back in that clown car quietly and peacefully, sorry - not for long, anyway.

Shortly after I wrote this, the President televised a speech that told them to "Go home," but continued to repeat the phrase "stolen election." 

Look at how they're treating the flags - but you threw a fit over some people kneeling for the flag at football games?

And didn't you call the people who tore who down a fence at a city courthouse in Seattle and defaced public property "thugs and criminals?"

Your supporters are destroying our nation's Capitol Building - and you're calling them "patriots" instead of "thugs and criminals?"

Sending mixed messages, calling them patriots, but telling them to go home, still calling it a fraudulent election - praising them and agging them on at the same time!

The blatant hypocrisy -  after everything they've condemned on the opposing political side - is jaw-dropping (and yet I'm not surprised) -without an ounce of shame.


PS - I hate to say this, but this had to happen eventually - not because they're anywhere in the ballpark of being in the right or righteous - but to definitely prove that protesting, rioting, and even sometimes violence do not happen because certain groups of people are "naturally prone" to violence - and to potentially break the Trump love spell. 

*This proves that this is what happens when human beings - regardless of gender, skin color or political proclivity - feel powerless and believe - or have been led to believe - that justice has failed them  - whether that belief is based on fact or fantasy, is real or imagined injustice.*

By the way, again, Republicans like Mitch McConnell - you cannot fan the flames and then condemn the fire - sorry - too little, too late.

(And don't even try to blame this on paid actors by Soros or antifa or "DemRats" - conspiracy theory is worn out and we can all see these are clearly Trump supporters, through and through.)


PPS - In response to a reporter's question "Do you think Trump and Republicans carry any responsibility in this," I just heard a Trump-supporting congressman (I'm not sure which one, I came in after the intro) say, "This isn't Trump supporters, they're not violent!  We've had no violence with Trump supporters.  I understand there were Democrat antagonizers there?  They must have ... Trump supporters aren't violent, they just aren't, that's just ridiculous!"

Who are you trying to convince - us or yourself? 

Because the rest of us live in reality.  We knew about Charlottesville.  Cesar Sayoc sending pipe bombs to Democrats.   Kyle Rittenhouse shooting unarmed protestors.  The armed insurrection and attempted kidnapping of Governor Whitmer in Michigan.   The Proud Boys in DC in December.  The numerous DHS warnings about far-right groups threats of violence. 

Keep telling yourself that, buddy - because though all of that desperate denial, pretending, and blaming scapegoats may spare your psyche from the guilt of enabling a monster and feeling in any way responsible - the rest of us who are grounded in reality and truth WILL hold Trump AND his supporters directly accountable for making repeated false and delusional claims, pushing baseless conspiracy theory for political gain, encouraging revolt, and attempting to destroy our nation's capitol building! 

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