Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Copy of My Comment: Whoever Tried to Destroy Our Nation's Capitol Building, Trump Called Them "Great Patriots," Said He Loved Them, and They Were "Very Special"

(Edited/PS added x2:) 

Considering it was such a crazy day, I went around to some old blog haunts, hoping to see condemnation for the attack on our Capitol Building.  

Instead, I saw someone try to blame Antifa, rather than MAGA/Trump supporters - providing zero proof whatsoever, of course.

(Curiously, he also did not expressly condemn what happened, just desperately - and laughably -  tried to blame the left. )

Now, I'm no fan of AntiFa, I think they're pretty sick, too.

However, trying to blame Antifa, without any proof whatsoever (when they're not that large of an organization anyway) -  is some seriously sick shit - specifically, some very deep, dysfunctional-family/group denial sick shit - bordering on cult-level behavior.

Anything but see reality and truth, anything to avoid having to take responsibility for their own doing this - to include their leader and themselves,  vilifying anyone who disagrees with Trump's politics and stoking the flames towards this level of aggression -  some of you even openly promoting civil war. 

I mean, it's like an abuser and family member, trying to cover their eyes to what they did, repeating over and over to themselves:   "It can't be true, it CAN'T be true about whom I've supported, it just can't.  They're not capable. I couldn't have married, supported, and loved such a monster.   The opposition either did it or deserved it, brought it on themselves.  I'm not looking, I'm not listening - lalala"

Not to mention, that doesn't make any sense - are you saying  Trump praised Antifa as "great patriots" and that he loved them, then? 

Thus, I simply replied with this comment and left:  

"Whoever tried to destroy our capitol building today, Trump called them "great patriots" and refused to condemn what they did, just told them to go home and that he loved them.  "


PS - 01/07/2020 

I totally forgot about this and just now went back to see if it was published and the replies lol. 


Yeah, erm - I'm trying to remember my lessons learned in 2020, and not argue with people who see you as the enemy (and crazy people), as well as not trying to push people in denial to see reality, because it only makes them angrier - so I didn't say anything further than the above comment - and just left :)

(Besides, I think the swipe that "Toodles" took at me, coming out of the woodwork just to do it,  when no one had addressed her nor mentioned her, is kind of revealing as to who that person really is - so let's just let that sit ;)  

So, I'll just add how I would've replied, just to crack myself up - only posted here :) 


Careful, your Trump-level rage and aggression towards anyone who disagrees with you is showing again ;)

Actually, I DID mention Capitol police seeming lax, in my new post, this morning - which remains untouched and was written long before I returned and read these comments, I just didn't mention it in my single-sentence comment.  In fact, I didn't mention a lot of things I could've said about the attack in my comment - AND? So what?  What do you imagine that proves, exactly? lol


Erm - for the record, I actually agree with you on that, it was weird.
However, here in America, most of our local/city police forces are pro-Trump. 
That is where we may disagree and where my suspicions lie - which as I stated in this morning's post, I'd prefer not to share, as I have no proof. 


You should try that sometime - you'd embarrass yourself less by not pronouncing your suspicions and speculation as fact publicly, or at the very least, labeling them your suspicion rather than fact?  :)

I also never mentioned Jake in my one-sentence comment - that was your own commenter above me, "Mr. Sir," who pointed out Jake Angeli is a groupie fixture at Trump rallies and as an antagonizer at BLM rallies - not me.  
Jake calls himself a "QAnon Shaman" and we Americans have seen him many times before.  
There are many pictures to prove this - but I'm sure you'd never share them, because that doesn't fit your false narrative ;)  
Jake is currently frantically trying to defend himself from people accusing him of being Antifa,  appealing to his former QAnon friends to help prove it -  but of course they're too busy distancing from him now to do so.  
Hilarious that Jake fell into his own QAnon false-accusation trap - meaning he should know, better than anyone,  you can't prove you're innocent of accusations which have no proof of existing or happening in the first place -  LOL!
It's like accusing someone of riding a unicorn - you'd first have to prove unicorns existed, before proving someone actually rode one! lol  
What we DO have proof of is he has been photographed at several Trump rallies previously, has been a proud and popular Trump and QAnon supporter on social media,  and that he was also photographed while illegally standing inside the Capitol Building.    
Now, of course, his former QAnon allies are abandoning both him and Trump, falling like flies, over here -  they're eating their own, now -  also hilarious! 


As for Jake being Pelosi's son-in-law -  could you please cite your source for that?


Never mind, silly me - you're not really interested in any actual proof or evidence - you're interested in regurgitating social media memes shared by people you don't even know, which prove nothing, and support what you already want to believe - beyond the point of reason, or even making any sense, at this point.

Oh, Hello, Toodles - how nice of you to not be able to help yourself in your hatred for me, enough to come out of the woodwork to take a shot at me, though no one has mentioned or addressed you, though we've never spoken - at least under your current ID du jour - except maybe once in passing?
Didn't even stop to think how your doing so might blow your cover, you just had to swipe at me, is that about right?  ;)


What IS that you've done with my name in that comment, anyway lol? 
Some kind of an attempt at trying to twist my name into Russian? Oh, I get it - are you trying to twist the joke made in my prior post about being a Russian spy? - Hahaha!  
Oh, honey - no one would actually ever believe I'm Russian or a spy - so good luck trying to spread THAT new rumor about me all over the internet, was that the plan ? LOL. 

Gee, that reminds me of somebody I met here, long ago, who was that?;)


 Someone who stopped using her regular ID, after ruining her own reputation, after she terrorized at least 22 people she met online - many of whom called law enforcement on her, with myself coming the closest to prosecuting her (which is why she hates me so much ;) 
She's also the reason why my comments are closed, to avoid further harassment from her, using multiple IDs ;).   


Now, let me see if I can remember her name -  what was it again?  It'll come to me in a minute ...  ;)  
Oh, never mind - we'll let law enforcement continue to handle her :)


Hope you're enjoying ... where is it you're claiming to be from now? Alabama? 

It's funny, your speaking of my "at least being consistent" - because I can't say the same about you.
You seem to have a different "voice" every time you post, which many have taken note of  - not to mention, your OTT insincere and saccharine flattery of men and false modesty also contributes to giving away your true identity, to those of us with even a half a brain.


Not only was it curious this "Toodles" ID showed up at James' shortly before the aforementioned terrorist ID was "retired," but that you're supposedly a happily married, busy Alabama mother, without a blog herself,  who just randomly found some British nobody's obscure blog to comment on -  often in the middle of the night -  inappropriately/overly friendly towards the men, mentioning personal things about them that no true new person should know, much to their surprise -  to the point many found you "creepy?" 
Even more curious is despite all of these personal-boundary issues with the other commenters, you've never once been seen actually commenting on anyone else's blog - no one but that main male British blogger -  which coincidentally was the last place the aforementioned terrorist's ID was seen commenting  -  perhaps because commenting elsewhere would reveal your true location and identify on their sitemeters?;) 


BTW, I lived in Pensacola, which is on the Florida-Alabama line.  I've never met anyone from Alabama, the south, or even all of America, for that matter, who uses the phrases you do, nor spells like you do - spelling words like "humor" the British/Canadian way, with a "u."

Even if the British blog owner edited your comments for you, that still wouldn't explain your attempts at using our American southern idioms and colloquialisms incorrectly, and on the wrong occasions - not understanding them or when to use them?
Oh well - perhaps you were raised in the U.K./Canada first before moving to Alabama, or your parents were British/Canadian? ;) 

As for the rest of your rambling, is that supposedly regarding me, too?  The part about your "call to Mo Brooks?"  What the bleep are you talking about? LOL.  
Girl, I honest to God have no idea what you're rambling about, nor do I want to know lol. I didn't even know who Mo Brooks was until I just Googled him - a US Rep from Alabama?  
Erm - I hate to break this to you, but if you did call Mo Brooks - which I highly doubt ever happened - I'm sure he has at least enough sense to know better than to take seriously ANYTHING that YOU said lol - you know, like the rest of us don't lol.  
If he didn't immediately realize you were off your rocker, I'm sure he soon would,  after investigating whatever false claim you were making now, like the rest of us did, a long time ago :)


Whatever - I just came by to see if James actually condemned the attack - especially considering he, and most here, have helped foment this aggression towards anyone who doesn't agree with Trump and himself.

But I know better than to push people in deep denial to see reality - it just makes them angrier - so I'll not say more.

Carry on - please continue to scare yourselves with ghost stories you just made up yourselves, like 10-year-old girls at a slumber party - it amuses sane people.

Oh, and have fun storming the castle and attacking windmills - or more accurately, stoking the fires within others to do so, for years - then trying to distance yourself from it, imagining you can convince anyone at all that only Democrats would ever do such a thing :)


PS - Pelosi has called for the Capitol Police Chief to resign.   

As I mentioned above, most local/city police forces here in America are pro-Trump.

Thus, Trumpers focusing on the odd behavior of Capitol police yesterday, even some reportedly "letting them in?"

Thank you!  Because you're not helping your own case by doing so,  that it wasn't Trumpers - you're actually bolstering ours, that it was  ;)


PPSOh my goodness, what a non-predictable surprise! (Cough, cough)

After hitting my blog several times, since I wrote this, two days ago - lo and behold, the aforementioned online terrorist, discussed above, has suddenly resurrected herself and commented there under another post, right on the heels of Toodles -  what an overly coincidental surprise!   

THAT doesn't make the true identity of Toodles even MORE suspicious or anything, now does it?! ? (Cough, cough) 

(Not very bright, these folks, but then we knew that - only relying on lax internet laws and third-party social media companies shirking responsibility - well, until now;)

Carry on - amoral online frauds (and terrorists) of a feather, flock together, after all - no wonder y'all are so upset that people are being banned by private social media companies for instigating terrorism and violence - that's what you live for! LOL


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