Wednesday, January 20, 2021

So Far, So Good ..

I will exhale shortly lol.  I've already teared up twice; one for Kamala and Doug making their formal entrance, in her fabulous purple coat, with her husband, just behind Eugene Goodman (the Capitol cop who misled one faction of the rioters away from the Senate chamber), who also brought tears to my eyes.  Still waiting for formal entrance of the Bidens.   Kamala will be sworn in first, by Justice Sotomayor.

I am just so proud of all present - think of their bravery today, just in being present :)

PS - It's done.  Both sworn in, America's Dad and Momala! 

Whew, I'm exhaling ... at least for the moment lol

Do it, we're counting on you -  to help us restore the soul of America, civility, empathy, and basic human decency. 

Make us proud to be Americans again!?!



Wow!  22-year-old poet,  Amanda Gorman, blew me away, what a powerful light she is, right?!?

I also thoroughly enjoyed Reverend Silvester Beaman's (AME) benediction - echoing MLK in his manner of speaking :)

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