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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Mitch McConnell, You &@#!ing Coward - Have You No Honor or Integrity Whatsoever?

Be forewarned, I'm about to get my rant on, up in here - because I'm extraordinarily pissed off with the U.S. senators from my state, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, after their Senate vote against impeachment today.

Well, I expected this from Rand Paul, after he had said a vote to impeach would "destroy the party," but not Mitch McConnell, who just last week said publicly that he thought Trump "provoked" the riot and that it was an "impeachable offense!"   

But now, he votes against the impeachment?

I shouldn't be surprised, both are already shady, but after Mitch McConnell was so visibly rattled himself, after the riot, I had hoped for better. 

In fact, I don't think I've ever been so angry at politics or politicians - but then I've never seen such a gross, blatant miscarriage of justice right before our eyes, like this. 

Like we're all stupid.  Like we didn't hear and see what we know we saw.  Like we all suffer from short-term memory loss or are all going to pretend like the riot didn't happen and maybe it will go away, like some effed up dysfunctional family?

Nope, not me, sorry - I was never very good at playing dysfunctional family anyway, but I gave up any residuals for Lent about 15 years ago lol. 

 I'm sorry, Mitch McConnell - but you cannot both publicly claim that Trump provoked the riot and his doing so was an impeachable offense AND vote against an impeachment trial - admittedly, out of fear your "party will be destroyed" if you do. 

Look -  all you and Rand Paul would have to say is, "We made a mistake in enabling Trump, we didn't think things would go this far" and we'd respect that, because we've all made mistakes and believed in the wrong person before. 

But no, you don't have the moral code, ethics, integrity, and/or the cajones to do that.

Instead, you're going to walk back your previous comments and turn a blind eye to justice out of fear of loss of power for your party?!? 

Well, if that happens, that would be consequence for what your party enabled - but I wouldn't rule out putting the nails in your own party's own  coffin by turning a blind eye to justice, either.

Regardless, with a vote of 55-45 vote, the impeachment will move forward, but with that vote, it is unlikely that Trump will be convicted. 

I swear to goodness, even if we had smoking-gun video evidence, today's Republicans in power would pretend like they didn't see it - simply because the Republicans are afraid a conviction will "destroy" their party and don't want their party "besmirched" by Trump's behavior. 

Well, then they shouldn't have enabled him into power in the first place - it's not like they didn't know, we liberals were red flagging the entire way lol. 

But like I said, everyone has made the mistake of backing the wrong horse before.   But to pretend like your party doesn't carry responsibility is just cray cray. 

So listen, Republicans in power - Trump and the riot IS your responsibility - and I have faith that he will eventually be held accountable for his crimes and that you WILL be held accountable for enabling him and the riot.  

Your short-sightedness may work for you at present, but you'll be the shame of history in the long run, for turning a blind eye to justice and what's best for the country, out of fear of loss of power. 

But I doubt you care about that, because you're all about money and power now.

What a bunch of completely amoral, unethical. cowardly wusses, modern Republicans have become, I swear - you have zero honor and integrity.   

In fact, if Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt could see you, I'd bet they'd jump up out of their graves and snatch you all bald-headed - and I'd sell tickets!!! LOL


Folks, I'm sorry for such crude language today, but I am angry like never before, with our political leaders - because even with evidence right in their faces, today's Republicans continue to display lack of ethics, integrity, and simply doing the right thing for this country, out of their own fear of loss of power - it sickens both my stomach and my soul.


PS -  On second thought, why am I apologizing for being mad and crass, though it's a normal human emotion - for both men AND women - when justice isn't served?  

In fact, I hope I never stop being horrified and feeling physically sick to my soul when justice isn't served and being vocal about it - because that would mean I've become as soul-less and sociopathic as the people I'm talking about lol.  

In fact, the people that should be apologizing are the liars, cons, thieves and cowards and/or their enablers, and those turning a blind eye to justice!


PPS - Okay, so I wrote Mitch McConnell a portion of the above - but I may regret the subject line was "You are a spineless coward" later lol.

I'm usually a lot more diplomatic, professional, and appropriate in my emails, but enough is enough - and  that's how sick to death I am of this bullshit! 

What are they gonna do, arrest me because I called him a coward?  lol

Call me a crazy bitch and dismiss what I have to say?

Sha ... AND? 

They don't care what I have to say, or anyone has to say, with kid gloves or not, unless you're a corporate lobbyist or a billionaire campaign contributor, despite the fact that their actual paychecks are paid with our tax dollars and they actually work for us. 

But there comes a time with power abuse and injustice, with pure evil having crept too far into things we hold sacred -  when we now have literally had thieves in the temple - that the gloves can and should come off and you just need to call it like it is. 

Someone once said to me, about 10 years ago, if someone calls you a crazy bitch, embrace it, be like, "Yeah, so why you wanna eff with me then?" LOL

I've never actually done that, mind you - if someone ever said that, I'd feel immediately ashamed of whatever I said or did - but you know what? 

Not anymore.  Anyone who's ever said that about me is crazier than I ever thought of being on my worst day lol.  

Let them talk - because I'm not crazy - this situation is crazy. 

And I'd say it again - to his face - don't think I wouldn't.  

Because it's true and it's the most shameful thing I've ever seen him, or any politician in this country, ever do. 

 So maybe I won't regret it later, after all, lol. 

Rant over! lol


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