Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Update: It's Not COVID.

COVID test was negative the doc's office. They don't have tests for HMPV (human metapneumovirus) or RSV yet, but it doesn't matter, because what I do have is a secondary bacterial infection bronchitis, which is explains why I was getting better, until I suddenly wasn't lol. 

Antibiotics, steroids, inhaler, and nighttime cough syrup and we're good to go!  

But hey, at least I can still brag I've never had COVID? lol

Dang, I knew I should be better by now, but had no idea I was that sick, just low-grade fever, but I'm pretty good with pain or being sick.  

Plus in healthcare, when it's you, you're either a hypochondriac or you're like "Nah, I don't have THAT."  I tend to be the latter, when it's me.  When it's a loved one, I'm like "Get thee to the doctor immeeediately, stat." lol

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