Sunday, August 20, 2023

RV Shopping ...


So as we advance in age, it's becoming quite a chore (and costly) for Mark to get up a 4 a.m. scrape off the ice from the car, drive 7 miles to the stables (where he boards his horse), chop through the ice so they can get water, muck the stalls, feed them, etc. before work starts at 7:30 a.m., as well as go back after work to feed them.

So being that we're not able to buy our own property, especially with interest rates as high as they are, right now, we're semi-seriously considering another option - an RV, right on the property where he boards his horse, with the farm-owner's permission of course, who is mulling it over.

It would have to be a 4-season 5-wheeler or trailer, solar-powered with backup generator, full oven, 4-burden stove, and two bathrooms (because my husband loves his bathroom reading time) lol.

I know they depreciate quickly, but hopefully by the time he retires, interest rates will be better and we can buy a home and property and have the RV for travel :)

So I've been doing a bit of research, watching videos on the do's and don'ts with RVs, and I think we may have a winner with this one, IF we go this route ...

The Grand Design "Solitude."

The exterior, with all the pullouts pulled out ...

Master bath ...

Floor plan 

(The sofas also pull out into extra beds for guests, btw)

Or if you prefer, a 360-degree walkthrough ... 

And here's the exterior, with all the pullouts out ...

Grand Design is a leader in quality, always in the top 5, and less expensive than others also in the top 5.

Now - if you travel around full-time, like traveling nurses do, RV is NOT cheaper - it's actually more expensive than a house - BUT - if you have it permanently fixed on a property (NOT an RV lot, which are no longer cheap), you can save anywhere from $200 to $1,000 a month.  Not to mention, it's better equipped, and often more comfortable, than a hotel for traveling.

I originally thought this was a janky and Kentucky thing to do - and then I saw the RVs.  They've come a long way, baby, in a short amount of time, especially since COVID, right?

Like I said, just semi-seriously considering this option, and we'd need 6 months to a year to be sure, but not a bad option, right?  

There are other runners-up options, but this floor plan works the best for me, separated kitchen and LR, two bathrooms, full oven and burners, solar package, the works, so it would really take something like this for me to move from where I'm at ;)

I also understand that even though certain companies are in the top 5 of every list for quality, just like cars, they can come out with a lemon, so if we do this, wish us luck!

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