Sunday, August 6, 2023

7 Years Ago Today, I Married A Wonderful Man from Detroit, and I Was (Metaphorically) Brought Back to Life ;)


Because 7 years ago today, I married the most wonderful man, in a corny little  wedding chapel in Gatlinburg, TN lol - and I love him even more today than I did then!

To be honest, I was traumatized and broken, when we met in 2011, after a series of traumas - and though he very easily could have been just another shark who smelled blood in the water (or another "Alien" - or worse, another "Burke" - see movie reference, last video below), I thank God that he wasn't - instead, he was my angel :)

He helped me heal from past trauma and kept me focused on the future - basically rebreathing life back into me, better than CPR or defibrillators! lol

(And I hope I have done the same for him for him, especially after his stroke.)

And to be extra corny, this is our song ... 

"Don't Stop Believin' - Journey" (Filmed at the last Detroit Red Wings Game at Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI)

"Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world ...
She took the midnight train going anywhere ...

Just a city boy, born and raised in EAST Detroit ...
He took the midnight train going anywhere ... "

And our other song, "Bring Me to Life" by "Evanescence," this video featuring Ripley and Lt. Hicks from the movie Aliens, which has special significance to us ... 

"I don't know which species is worse.  At least you don't see the aliens screwing each other over for a G-D percentage." 

~ Ellen Ripley, "Aliens," 1986

Happy 7th Anniversary, Hicks!


Ripley xoxo

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