Tuesday, August 22, 2023

My Little Nursing Assistant ...


So last week was the first week of school, and everyone from Central Office always goes out to the schools to help open the car doors for the kids and parents or welcome them off the buses and directs them where to go.

Of course, now without a mask - and to my dismay, no hand sanitizer - my husband is now home sick :/

No worries - it is NOT COVID - just a cold, very low-grade fever, a cough, and a complete lack of energy.

This is the first time he's been sick before COVID - and neither of us ever got COVID (plus we're vaccinated). 

Don't tell ME masks don't prevent illness - first time no one has worn a mask for this annual event. It's common sense, folks - any physical, chemical, or biological barrier you can put between you and communicable disease is a good thing.

But hey, since some of you all were so angry about having to wear a mask for a while, let's have doctors and nurses to perform surgery without them and watch them hospital-acquired infections go up, shall we?  

(No, let's NOT do that, and I doubt any of you who refused to wear a mask would like it if they did.)

But I digress - luckily, I have a little nursing assistant to "help "me care for him - his name is Ziggy :)

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