Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Ziggy "Helping" Me Make the Bed, Every Morning


So every morning I make the bed, and Ziggy - erm - "helps.  "

It's one of his favorite things in our morning routine.  So note he's jumping around like a crazy pug until the "Where's Ziggy?" game. 

So I cover him up with the blanket and he gets really still.  

Then I say "Where's Ziggy?"  like 1,000 times, but he doesn't move a muscle. (He's "hiding, you see ;)  

Then I "find" him and he goes nuts again! LOL.

His favorite part, the throw-pillow bombs ...

And the end result of all of this activity is this - the worst bed-making job the world has ever seen LOL.

I have to wait until he loses interest or naps to fix it! :)


PS - Someone just asked me if he's full size now.  Nope, he'll grow even more, he's just going to be a big hoss pug, like his dad.

Not Mark, his pug dad! LOL.

His dad's name was "Tank," if that tells you anything :)

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