Friday, August 25, 2023

And the Mug Shot We Were All Waiting For ...


Hahahaha!  No, wait ... hahaha!

Now, you know the toxic textbook narcissist probably practiced that face in the mirror like 1,000 times, over the past few days.

I think he's trying for tough-scary, but instead, he just looks unhinged-psychopath-scary - like a demented Oompa Loompa who suddenly went rogue from an already loopy Willy Wonka. 

In fact, I imagine that's what a snarling Satan would've looked like on the day he was cast out of heaven, after trying unsuccessfully to overthrow it LOL

"God treated me very badly, very badly.  His rules are stupid, they aren't fair, the whole thing is rigged against me.  God's system is rigged and I'm innocent!  God cheats. so I'm just staying a step ahead of the cheater!" 
 "Who cares if God can create, big deal - have you seen my growing crowd size? I'm smarter and more charming and persuasive, everybody knows it.  I can make anyone believe any lie I tell -  can God do that?"

Yeah, no - because presumably God would have no need to lie in the first place? lol

And Trump's speech later that he's innocent - dohkay, sure. 

Erm, dude - at the very least, you aided and abetted/were complicit with a plot to overturn the election results - devised weeks before the election, mind you - by recruiting fake electoral college members in 7 states to try to fool state officials into thinking they were the real authorized/official electoral college members!

So ... turns out trying to rig the election in your favor in advance of the election because you fear the other side will cheat - is still just cheating - sorry.

And it's especially unjustified if the other side didn't cheat!

Like many others, I've lost faith that this will go anywhere - again - such is the way of rich white men in power, particularly those that have reached cult leader status - and yet this mug shot still makes me very happy, for some reason lol.

And as IF we needed any more proof that Trump has reached cult leader status, a CBS/YouGov poll showed that Trump supporters trust Trump more than they do their family, friends, and faith leaders.


Think about that fellow "Christians" who support Trump - you trust a politician/publican, whom Christ warned against repeatedly, before you trust your church leaders or even your friends and family.

But no, it's not a cult! LOL.

And this one ...

What the ???  is with the percentages that add up way past 100%? lol

I get that what's important here is the general gist, the top reasons why people support Trump -  and yet I don't understand the percentages. 

Now, I'm already no math genius, tack on I have a min-flu, so I probably just need to read more about what those percentages mean/how they were derived. 

All I can figure is maybe they asked them to percentage out their answers according to each of the choices, like "I'd give 60 points out of a 100 to Reason #1, 30 points to Reason #2, etc."   and then averaged everybody's answers into percentages or something? 

No, that still doesn't make sense, it wouldn't be expressed as percentages that way, would it?  

Whatever, I'll look into it later, when I don't have a small fever lol.

ANYWAY and regardless, point being, the top two reasons Trump supporters still like Trump ... Lord, love a duck!

So if the biggest reason people would consider Trump again  is because they feel that things were better under Trump, it must be nice living under that rock or in your own little fantasy world  - because even if you support Trump's policies, a lot of people didn't, and thus, there was a lot of chaos over it.

So were you drunk and drugged, or just forgot to take your meds, during his entire presidency or-?

As for the 95% who chose "fights for people like me?"

Well, all I can say is, if you feel that a selfish, entitled millionaire douchebag best represents you, then you must be doing some pretty power-abusing, unscrupulous, criminal sh*t, too, also stamping God's name on it lol.

Hilary pegged it right when she said most were a basket full of deplorables.  I might tack on that IMO, about 70% are either mentally not well and/or are or were addicts of some kind -  to either drugs or alcohol, or even religion - with the other 30% percent being  mostly greedy a-holes who know very well he's a criminal, but don't care as long as they get what they personally want/make money from it.

So ... you honestly believe a clearly selfish, egotistical multimillionaire fights for you - even though half of you don't have a pot to piss in, never did, and likely never will - before, during, or after his presidency?

Or do you mean he represents your:

Xenophobic views of anyone not just like you?

Propagating fear, distrust, and even hatred of other races, faiths, and other political views than yours?  

Demanding that your faith be the national faith, calling yourselves "persecuted" if you don't get that? 

Demanding just YOUR personal freedoms not be infringed upon (like mask wearing) and YOUR candidates be in charge, protesting/rioting state and federal capitol buildings if you don't get what you want -  but when it's someone from some group NOT just like you, doing the exact same thing, when they feel THEIR personal rights have been infringed upon, you have no patience or empathy for them?

Well, I hate to tell you this, fellow "Christians" - but none of that is supported by scripture.  

In fact, it's- diametrically opposed to, and completely incompatible with, Christ's message in the gospels!

Ah, humans - we can always count on us to do the exact opposite of what our own appointed messiahs, religious leaders, and prophets actually said, out of our own selfish needs and fears, and then try to justify our doing so by stamping their names on it, to give ourselves authority;)

For example, let's take it off Christianity for a second and talk about Buddha. 

 He never intended his philosophy to be a religion.

In fact, Buddha specifically and literally said "When I'm dead, don't pray to me, I won't hear you, I'm dead.  Work out your own salvation with diligence, that's not what I'm here for.  I'm here to teach you a better way to live."

And then what did his followers promptly do after his death?

Incorporated their prior religion of ancestor worship into the philosophy, praying now to Buddha himself, too, thereby now making it a religion, despite Buddha himself specifically saying NOT to! LOL

(So it IS possible to be both a Christian and a Buddhist, mind you - if you go by what Buddha actually said.  I consider it adjunctive philosophy.)

In fact, Buddha and Christ were actually very similar - it's just Christ claimed to be dying to pay the price for forgiveness by God, whereas Buddha didn't.

Also, Buddha straight-up said the goal of Buddhism is to "End all suffering"- Christ strove to do the same, evidenced by his deeds.

However, both also realized that evil would always be with us and we should do our best to end suffering anyway.

And I hate to break this to most Christians, but despite popular belief, we actually don't get any special superpowers by being Christians.

In fact, Christ himself said that evil - headed by "Satan" in Christianity - would still have dominion over the earth after his death, and would continue to have dominion over the earth, until such time that God ends "Satan's little experiment" (to try and prove humans would choose to be belong with him, rather than God ), but no one will know the time and day.

In other words, the authority that Christ took back from hell, in those three days after his death, was NOT about giving us authority over evil as is popularly believed - it was simply to take back only "Satan's" authority to hold us back from being in the presence of God because of our sin,  by paying the ultimate price for our freedom in the afterlife, Christ's death.

Case in point, Christ does say to his disciples that he gives them the authority to: "Trample on serpents and scorpions, over all the power of the enemy; nothing can by any means hurt you"  - AND - "In my name, you shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, cast our demons," etc.

HOWEVER - there must be stipulations to that which have gone missing. or something got lost in translation somewhere, or it was meant metaphorically rather than literally -  because most of the disciples and apostles actually died in horrible ways, didn't they?

Because if they had any such "superpowers" because of being Christians, wouldn't they have used them to prevent their own deaths?

It's not like they had to die to fulfil a prophecy and redeem us from sin, like Christ - so they would've been free to do use that authority over evil/those "super powers," but they didn't - why?

Now having said that, the NT also does say there are spiritual "gifts" given as a result of being a Christian, but there's nothing especially "supernatural" about them - they mostly come as a byproduct after serving Christ, especially by serving others as Christ would, in some way, or just gaining better insight into who is suffering and might need assistance.

Speaking of doing the right thing despite what other Christians say and do that isn't scriptural,  then there was THIS debacle from the Republican debate the other night ...

All of the candidates were asked whether they would support Donald Trump if he won the Republican candidacy.

With the exception of Asa Hutchinson, all of them eventually raised their hands, after looking around LOL! 

Have you ever seen a bigger group of populist cowards?

I have no idea who Asa Hutchinson is, but he gets points in my book for withstanding the peer pressure and sticking to his principles, for sure.

Chris Christie later explains his wishy-washy hand, but still ... sigh.

But I digress, mostly because I've caught Mark's "epizootic," as my grandfather used to all it.

However, so as not to end this post on a negative note, a quick, funny story ...

This morning, Mark was leaving for work and Ziggy and I were on the balcony watering my flowers.  

So I waved and said "Goodbye, I love you, have a good day." 

At the exact same time, Sarah, my neighbor who is a teacher, came out and was leaving for work and also said "Have a good day!" 

So ... Mark didn't see me up there on the balcony -  he only saw Sarah!

So he just looked at her weird and  said "Uh ... thanks, you too," and hurriedly got in his car! LOLOLOL

Sarah looked up and me with a questioning face and we laughed for like 5 minutes because we realized he thought SHE said "I love you" because we spoke at the same time and he didn't see me up there on the balcony! 


I called him to tell him that part was me and he laughed and said he was like "Oh, thank God! I was like 'That was weird. LOL" 

HEE hee, too funny :)

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