Wednesday, August 23, 2023

A Cure for Taking The Earth's Beauty for Granted ...


Watch this video :)

This channel, the Common Man Show, is all about getting reactions from tribal villagers about people,  food, music, events and modern inventions that we see every day :)

In this clip, after flying a small group of villagers from India to Thailand, 65-year-old Babu is taken to an aquarium with three undersea tunnels.  

You might even want to skip ahead to the tunnels section at 3:40 - he's so excited, he's like a child, to see something he has never seen before, nor ever thought he would see :)

He is so amazed, both mouth and hands open, gesturing to the fish, stingray, and sharks, blowing them kisses, wishing them "Nemaste" and thanking them, and God, for their beauty :)

Remember that in Hindu and Sikh, they believe in reincarnation - so even fish have souls, as they could've once been, or they will someday be, human :)

Also, "Nemaste" is one of the few Sanskrit words that remain from that dead language, and it roughly means "The light of God in me recognizes and genuflects to the light of God in you."  

Though it has become a common greeting in India (and yoga classes lol), it's not to be taken lightly.  

In fact, the phrase is best used as in this clip, more sincerely, when you come across someone or something that you feel was meant to be in your life, even if a brief encounter :)

Beautiful, right? :)

In case you let the drama of everyday life get you down, come and rewatch this video, or any on this channel - things we see every day that we take for granted are single-occurrence blessing to these folks :)

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