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LindyBeige AKA Nikolas Lloyd on the Historical Accuracy of "The Last Kingdom" ...


So after writing this post, a couple of weeks ago, I was researching a bit more on the historical accuracy of The Last Kingdom (other than already knowing the fact that Uhtred the Bold didn't exist during this actual time period and most of his story is completely fictional), and I stumbled on this video, which was made after the very first episode of The Last Kingdom, six years ago.

It was made by "LindyBeige" AKA Nikolas Lloyd, who apparently formerly taught archaeology at Newcastle University, but now apparently is a semi-famous YouTuber.

Though he generally agrees with the overarching historical accuracy of these events, and he actually likes the show, he can't help himself to point out and poke fun at the historical  inaccuracies within modern filmmaker versions of  actual historical events, as well as finds the bloopers and use of cheap props, particularly during battles - and it's hilarious! :)

(In fact, you might even say that TLK has since stepped up their game since, likely helped along by an increased production budget  ;)

On researching opinion on whether or not Lloyd himself is historically accurate, apparently the general consensus among his  former archaeologist and historian colleagues, still in the field, apparently do feel that he knows his stuff, with a few disagreements here and there. 

In addition to questioning how much leather armor was actually worn in cold, rainy climates -  by Saxons OR (Danish) Vikings (although here, the leather armor of the Danes does appear overly Romanesque) -  another of those debate points appears in the comments section from a commenter with an unknown background. who replies to the point that Lloyd repeatedly makes in the video, which is  that we should call them "Danes," not "Vikings."  

HOWEVER - you will note that Uhtred the Elder (Uhtred's father) actually says "Danes!" and then goes on to say "They come as Vikings!." 

The reason this is significant is, as the unknown commenter below the video argues, the term "Dane" refers to their country of origin -  but the term "Viking" refers to their profession - with marauding  conquest intent, as well as their religion - as they, too, worshipped the gods of Norse mythology, in which conquest and battle held the keys to entering Valhalla (Viking heaven).

Because in fact, not all Danes were Vikings in profession, but many were in both religion and profession.

Not that all Vikings were united - in fact, the Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Vikings fought each other more than they fought the Saxons, the Scottish, the Irish, or anyone else - much like the kingdoms of England, Ireland, and Scottish fought each other more than the Danes, Norwegians, or Swedish lol.

However, what is true is that the Vikings that the kingdoms of what is now the UK were almost entirely Danes.

Thus, perhaps the correct, accurate term for the Scandinavian group which repeatedly raided pre-UK lands most in the the Middle Ages should then be "Dane Vikings" or "Danish Vikings?: :)

Now - when he says "spoilers," he clearly doesn't just mean he's telling you what happens in the show, he means the possibility of spoiling the show for you, I think, but I don't think watching the video will ruin the show for you, as the events overall are more or less historically accurate, as the show is still worth a watch, IMO, because of the character development and evolution and is very rough historically accurate (except for Uhtred himself).

However, you will likely now notice these, as you move forward through the show - and yet the show is still worth a watch, 

Regardless, the video is worth a laugh, if nothing else :) 

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