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Monday, April 19, 2021

Six More Mass Shootings Over The Weekend, and All the Ingredients Found in Mass-Shooter/Bomber Soup

There have been six more mass shootings this weekend, since my original post after the Fed Ex shooting in Indianapolis - Texas, Wisconsin, Chicago, Ohio, Nebraska, and Louisiana.

I find it very telling (and hilarious) that the same people who claim that the news is fake/twists/omits facts (when it doesn't support their narrative), and complain about "wokism," never even mention mass shootings (nor the increase in them) at all - UNLESS - the shooter is a person of color, Muslim, or Democrat! LOL.

It's so uncommon, they're like, "Aha! Hooray, we finally caught one in the act, see? SEE?  I told you so!" - and then salivate over it, trying to use these rare examples as "proof" to support their irrational-fear-fueled racist theories LOL - hilarious!

Not so hilarious is this mindset is very similar to that of Nazi propaganda - most of the time, they'd fabricate completely their propaganda about Jews, and then search the country to find one single Jewish person, in a sea of millions, who had ever done something dishonest in their life - as could be found in any race of people, mind you - then imagine they could use it as "proof" that ALL Jews were like that - and people believed it :/

And then when it's something they can't ignore anymore, like the capitol riot, and we do find out with picture/video evidence that it's right-wing white Christian males, they can't accept it/handle it, willfully choosing denial and belief over fact - so they try to claim it's Antifa, despite zero proof or evidence to support these claims - and despite the fact that former social-media posts by these people, going way back, prove their support right-wing politics and Trump lol

They're so terrified people of color are going to rise up against them in revenge and gain control (their own guilty consciences projected onto people of color, assuming they all have the same motivations as they do/would), for what they know we've done (and are still doing) -  despite the fact that statistically and historically, white males have been primarily responsible for mass-shooting/bombing types of violence.

Now, part of the problem with these stats has been agreeing on a definition of mass shootings - but seriously, when it comes to mass-shootings/bombings, do we really even need graph charts?

All one need do is take a random-sample taste test of how many times in this soup of U.S. mass shootings (or bombings) in the last 20 years have ended with the shooter or bomber being a white man, particularly in the last four years.

In this case, do we really even need to taste-test the entire bowl of Mass-Shooter/Bomber Shit Soup to know the entire bowl tastes foul, regardless of its racial ingredients?

Erm - this soup statistic is literally called "Mass-Shootings in America since 1982" - do you honestly believe if you removed just one ingredient like race or faith, it suddenly won't taste badly anymore? LOL

Multiple prior taste tests of Mass-Shooting/Bomber Shit Soup have revealed mostly white - but not all-white - ingredients.

So what does that prove - that either white men or black men are more violent than the other? 

Nonsense -  these statistics prove nothing of the kind.  

All these statistics prove is the amount of times a particular type of violent crime/terrorist act - and there are many types of violent crimes - was committed by people according to race.

Additionally, the statistic also proves there are individuals in every racial group who are at least capable of doing the same.

And yet racists keep hoping that if they dip their spoon in just the right place in the bowl, and bring up the one ingredient that they fear/hate, they imagine they can somehow use it to prove the only reason a soup literally called "Mass-Shootings Since 1982" tastes foul LOL. 

My point is, at this point, does it even matter what any of the racial ingredients of this nasty soup are? 

At what point do we just start saying, "No - we don't want any more Mass-Shooter/Bomber Shit Soup, thanks - regardless of its racial or faith ingredients" - and actually do something about ensuring we stop getting served this soup repeatedly?

Thus, trying to make "violent-tendencies" and "terroristic projections" overall from these statistics, based on race, is a huge leap in logic either way, and in the end, doesn't really help solve the problem. 

Which is precisely why white supremacists never mention these stats and facts, nor do they ever mention these mass shootings/bombings at all, unless it's the uncommon event that it's by a person of color - because they know this already, and that it doesn't support their race theories on violence ;)

At this point, race, faith, or gender doesn't even matter - something needs to be done about repeatedly getting served Mass-Shooter/Bomber soup, here in America.

Thus, I maintain what I said in my original post - that regardless of race, faith, gender, or political preference - though I do not support total gun removal, we must start seriously considering stricter gun control, particularly on semi-automatic assault rifles (which IMO, no civilian has justification for owning). 

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