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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

PS - Alan Dershowitz Has Made a Career Out of Defending the Clearly Guilty: Just a Small Sample of His Clients ...

I don't know why people keep quoting Alan Dershowitz - he has either been on the actual legal team or as a legal advisor to the following people: 

Jeffrey Epstein

Harvey Weinstein

O.J. Simpson

Claus Von Bulow 

Donald Trump

I don't care what his politics "supposedly" are - the man takes pride in trying to find loopholes in the law/ways of beating the justice system to allow clearly guilty people back into society without consequence. 

How could anyone with a moral center even listen to what this sociopath says and ever quote the man?


PS - Additionally, for any of my fellow self-purported Christians who've refused to support equal justice under the law for George Floyd, I've added a very special scripture verse to the post below, just for you (Matthew 7:21-23) - the words of Christ himself :)

It's a warning from Christ himself, about what will happen to people who are, ya know, just like you - meaning people within the church who work iniquity/selfishness/evil in Christ's name :)

Yeah, so ... you may want to take a look at that verse before continuing down this dark-hearted, political Kool-Aid drunk road you're on ;)

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