Friday, April 9, 2021

Another Farewell Today, Now to Rapper DMX - Dead at 50, From Cardiac Arrest


Though it appears that DMX (real name Earl Simmons) and Prince Philip could not be more different, nevertheless, it appears that an Earl and a Duke both passed on the same morning :(

In the early 2000s, DMX ruled the airwaves just under Eminem, with his particular brand of furied-but-funny rapping style. He had a troubled past, to be sure, struggling with addiction, but also was a devout Christian, claiming to read his bible every day. 

Farewell, X ... thank you for the early new-millennium fun, back in the day ... especially the following two songs ...

The video for "Party Up (Up In Here)" also presented racial issues, when he is mistaken for a black bank robber, who has just robbed the bank that he's actually just a patron of, and he's actually trying to help the wounded white security guard to safety and medical help outside ...

... and this next song, which became the anthem for Xavier University's (Cincinnati) basketball team. The Musketeers ... 

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