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Friday, December 25, 2020

In Case You Haven't Heard Yet, It Was A Bomb Explosion at AT&T Building in Nashville That Caused Cell Outage for the Southeast U.S. ...

I'm sorry to have to mention this on Christmas, but if you haven't heard back from family and friends in the U.S. Southeast today, it's not because they're not okay or forgot - it's because they use AT&T cell services, and a bomb detonated at the AT&T Building in Nashville, this morning, knocking out cell service for millions in the Southeast who relied on AT&T for cell service. 

If you have access to a non-AT&T WiFi service, go to "Settings" and slide the "Enable WiFi" button, and you should be able to use your phone and text and call 911 if need be, likely asking for your address for 911 purposes. 


There was apparently a warning announcement for people to evacuate, giving a 15-minute countdown until detonation, so many escaped, but at least one report of "human remains" has been recovered thus far (not sure if that's accurate?) ... 

Prayers for Nashville, and for anyone who has an emergency and cannot use their phone :( 

PSNot trying to be paranoid, but also praying this is an isolated incident of personal-vendetta amateur terrorism, rather than some sort of "first hit" on communication in some sort of coordinated terrorism, as we have all become overly reliant on cell phones - nobody has a land line anymore.

Not that either is a good thing, but an isolated incident of personal-vendetta amateur terrorism, rather than attempt to cut all cell communications, would of course be the preferable of the two, so let's go with that for now ;) 

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