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Thursday, December 24, 2020

From Our Home to Yours, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas :)

(PS and photos added. )

Would you believe the snow just starting coming down and sticking, just I finished this post?  :)

True story - right after I hit "publish" for this post, I noticed the snow was sticking, so I added the above two photos.  

It hasn't snowed on Christmas Eve, here, in quite a few years, so it's very welcome!  

See?  Not everything went wrong in 2020 - so is this one of those "God winks" moments? 

Like, "Okay, I know this year totally sucked, but SOME things went right - and you know you've had had worse - but just so you know I still see y'all, here you go - how 'bout a little snow on Christmas Eve, since it's been years?" :)

Lol - okay, okay - God likely had nothing to do with this, and receives far too much blame and credit from us already - but I'll take the Christmas snow, regardless - yay!

On to my post, the remaining items I mentioned in last weeks post finally arrived, so here are the final Christmas decorations photos :)

Some things I wasn't sure what to do with once I got them lol  - for that story, read that earlier post lol. 

Only hanging stockings and cookies left to go, which I may add photos of later, we shall see how much the day gets away from me :)

All of these are cell phone pics, so forgive the quality sometimes ;)

Our living room and tree, day into night ... 

And of course, our star, Brookie, makes an appearance in nearly every photo, as she should ;)

I love this picture of Brookie!

And at night ... 

Elsewhere, day and night ...  

(Cranberry and brie tarts and bacon, spinach, and swiss cheese quiche for Christmas Eve/Christmas breakfast)

And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care ... 

++ Merry Christmas!!! ++

PS - Guess who decorated which plate of gingerbread cookies, Mark or me? lol

The icing bled, and neither of us are pros, for sure,  but I promise, no wine was involved until later lol ...

Exhibit A ... 

Exhibit B ... 


Answer:  Yeah, so Mark's are the very - erm - abstract ones, shall we say lol?  

If nothing else, the big "S" for the Michigan State Spartans should've been the giveaway. 

Okay, some of these are going to our neighbors, but I'm not giving Mark's cookies to those with small children, for fear or causing nightmares ;) LOL 

Oh, well, we had fun :)

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