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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Back to Baseline Weight of 121 lbs!


So I went to my OB/GYN today for a yearly fibroid recheck and good news all around. 

Not only have 2 of the fibroids disappeared, but the last remaining one had shrunk. 

Also, last October, though thin all my life, I went up to 144 lbs.  (October 2020) during COVID (plus hormonal imbalance with fibroids/menopause)  and become prediabetic.  

Checking my weight today, I was back down to 121 lbs!  (This is a home scale pic).

I'm still not off the hook for prediabetes, though, because at last check 3 months ago, I was still right on the line for regular diabetes PLUS for the first time, my lipids were elevated.

However  - I've lost 15 more pounds since then, and am counting carbs and saturated fat, so we shall see.

How did I do it?

Well, I wasn't a big sweets eater anyway, too sweet for me, always has been - my problem was regular pop, all day every day, for the caffeine.

I still had some pop in the mornings until July, when I stopped all pop completely (except diet, but only in the morning) and started a low-carb and saturated fat diet (getting counting help from MyFitnessPal.com ) -   meaning since I already don't do sweets, less bread (no buns, tortilla, refined-flour pasta, or potatoes),  increased veggies, only grilled or baked meat, and increased my water intake x4 -  and I cycle or walk at least three days a week.

(Yes, I did have cheat days - we call them "Fat-Food Fridays," upon which we still eat healthy all day until dinner and relax the rules - which I look forward to all week, mind you -  but allow bread, potatoes, or pasta, just limiting the type or amount ;)

Mostly, however, it was the pop - after I stopped all regular soda in July, that's when most of the weight just dropped off within three months - can you believe it? 

23 COVID pounds gain, lost - mostly after stopping pop completely in July.

Woo hoooooo, yay, go me! :)

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