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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Speaking of Some Children at Home, Manny the Manatee's Message ;)


The other day, I wrote about not knowing what I would do, if I still had a daycare-age or school-age child, right now, with COVID and bus routes and daycares and childcare canceled.  

Luckily, there are people like my friend, who is a grandmother to 7 children, and has become the childcare during COVID.

She sent me a video today, of three of them, saying hello to me, and showing me their stuffed buddies, whilst (not-so-quietly) reading their books lol - it made my day! 

(I won't share it due to privacy, of course, but believe me when I say they are precious, precious, precious!)

But what I can share is the message from MY stuffed pal, Manny the Manatee, giving kisses and praises for reading books, in hopes of giving encouragement and a smile back :)

She said they were thrilled - aw, so glad, those boys are precious!

Well, it's good to know I can still pull out and dust off all those crazy voices, I once did, to entertain my daughter lol.

Let's see, there was "Lion Friend" and "Mr. Elefante" (who was actually a dog toy but became part of the gang) and "Floppy" the bunny, but her favorite, believe it or not, was when times were tight or rough, I used to put a sock on the end of my hand, whom we called "Monsieur Ticklebug," who appeared when she refused to go to sleep.  He rarely spoke, but when he did, he had a French accent, and used to give her kisses and tickled her until she finally agreed to go to sleep :) 

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